The Amsterdam University College Student Association (AUCSA) launched MyAUC in October 2010 to improve communication to students and provide a platform for AUCSA and its committees. Together with the Student Council, the improved MyAUC (version 2.0), as of August 2013,  was upgraded to improve usability and accessibility. In November 2015, MyAUC got a huge upgrade — a new design, more static content, and a faster server — and consists of the homepage, seen on aucsa.nl, and Wiki for AUC.


The new MyAUC is meant to improve accessibility to all matters concerning the Amsterdam University College students in a new, magazine-like, form. Improvement of communication was extensively considered during the construction of the new environment for AUC students. Simplification and structuring of the platform is a measure to improve convenience and readiness for all AUC students.

Wiki for AUC

The idea of improving the students’ immigration in AUC was always present in the minds of the AUCSA and the Student Council. In June 2013, both organs agreed upon a joint initiative to improve this immigration by creating a page based on Open Source software provided by Mediawiki. The Wiki is based on hubs. These hubs consist of New at AUCLiving, and Studying. They are all meant to improve your time at AUC, but especially to aid the new-coming first years in their adaptation of the life in the Netherlands, in Amsterdam and at AUC.


The version of MyAUC you are looking at right now (v3.0) was developed by Aram Zegerius. He worked specifically with Tim Moolhuijsen (AUCSA), but also the rest of the AUCSA of 2015-16 and the Student Council to create what you see now.

A little history of appreciation


The initial MyAUC (1.0) was founded in October 2010 by Leonard Wein, as a Board-member of the AUCSA 2010-2011, Joost van Amersfoort, Felipe Brugués, and Marius Kirschke. The invaluable undertaking constructing the first version of MyAUC by these students created a solid foundation on which MyAUC 2.0 could be build upon.


In the summer of 2013, MyAUC was upgraded to MyAUC 2.0 and extended with Wiki for AUC. These projects were initiated and created by Aram Zegerius, commissioned by the AUCSA Board of 2012/2013 and 2013/2014 under Chairs Flora Oudeboon (12/13) and Heleen Ruhe (13/14). Extensive efforts were made by both Boards, especially by aforementioned Chair Flora Oudeboon (12/13) and Florentine Oberman (Secretary, AUCSA 13/14), to ensure a most complete homepage and Wiki for all AUCSA members. The Student Council of 2013/2014 under Chair Victor van Dooren also contributed significantly.

Join the Website Team

As a member of the Website Team, you

  • make sure the website is up-to-date and active;
  • promote the use of MyAUC and Wiki for AUC;
  • contribute to the AUCSA community;
  • get to work intensively with the great people at the AUCSA.

Are you interested in working in an amazing team at AUCSA? Basic knowledge of computers and enthusiasm is the only requirement! Please contact us!


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