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Food appreciation to the max!
“Food is more important than people realize.”

We cook, we feed, we share! Cuisine came together two years ago, Spring 2013, to bring that added spice to the AUC student body. As students lucky enough to have our own kitchens and explore our culinary talents, we thought to bring it all together and share our experiences as foodies with others, and to create an inviting path for cookery rookies who might just not know where to start. We’ll give you tips, workshops, bake sales and more! What we’re aiming for: maybe one day we can print a cookbook with excellent and diverse recipes.

Contact us at cuisine@aucsa.nl or visit our Facebook page.

Alejandra Espinosa, Evi Hadjipieri, Stefan Plug, Maria Veronica Romero, Manon Falces, Deniz Ovalıoğlu and Daria Nicolson.


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