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The Volunteering and Philanthropy Committee

Hands On is AUCSA’s philanthropy and volunteering committee!

HandsOn is AUCSA’s volunteering and philanthropy committee. We aim to raise awareness about pressing issues around the world as well as in our local community. We use this awareness to make small changes in our world. Therefore, we organise fun activities for AUC students to raise funds for charities and organizations. We also organise volunteering opportunities focused on local issues in order to see students get involved and make a difference in the Amsterdam community. Since last year, we have also created monthly awareness posts to highlight topics that we feel could use more visibility.


Contact us by email at handson@aucsa.nl
or message us on Facebook or Instagram!

Present Foundation

Present Foundation aims to instigate a movement where people find it self-evident to assist one another when needed. This organization is a major agent in voluntary work and offers various opportunities for volunteers to devote assistance to people who deal with poverty, health issues or social desolation. The Present Foundation organizes projects based on the knowledge, skills and interests of their volunteers, which makes their efforts meaningful, effective and fun! Strolling with elderly, cooking for the homeless, dressing up as Sint and Piet, or working at a children’s farm are just a few of the many opportunities. Besides the great variety of fun projects, it is also possible to sign up as a group, such as with your friends, family or AUC study mates. So be present, together!

Time:  Half days – Long-term

Language: Both Dutch- and English based volunteering opportunities

Contact: https://stichtingpresent.nl/amsterdam or call 020 6127066 or email info@presentamsterdam.nl

Samenspraak Oost

As you may have noticed, Amsterdam Oost is very international, and thus home to many immigrants seeking to learn Dutch. The samenspraak project aims to bring the community closer together through learning and teaching the Dutch language. If you participate, you will be matched with an international within Oost, and once a week you meet up and speak Dutch together. The project is thus very personal, fun and entirely conversation based.

Time: The duration of the project is at least 1 year; every week for about an hour.

Language: As a volunteer you need to speak Dutch (though you can also sign up as an international student).

Contact: http://www.wijkopbouworgaanoost.nl/activiteiten/samenspraak or email samenspraak@wijkopbouworgaan-wgm.nl or call 020-4635141 (on Mon or Wed from 9:30-11:30)

Amnesty International

Are you interested in human rights and want to help the victims of human rights violations? Than you should become a flex-volunteer at Amnesty International! When you are a flex-volunteer you can decide yourself when you want to work. You will help Amnesty with a wide variety of jobs, such as administrative tasks at the Head Office in Amsterdam or help them prepare events throughout the Netherlands. This variation makes it an exciting and educational experience. You will work together with other fun flex volunteers and you can even sign up with your friends! Another major advantage: tasks at the head office often include a delicious lunch!

Time: 1 to 20 hours per month

Contact: www.amnesty.nl/english or email servicecenter@amnesty.nl

Taste Before You Waste

Taste Before You Waste is an initiative based at our very own dorms in Science Park, aiming to make people more conscious about the amount of good food that gets thrown away every day and to inform them about what can be done to prevent this. Working with small grocery shops in Amsterdam Zeeburg and with the help of young food-lovers, about 150 kg of food is saved from an early death each week. Four times a week one of the volunteers takes the “bakfiets” around our neighbourhood to collect food that would otherwise be discarded, because it does not look perfect enough to be sold. After the food is saved, it is taken to different charities in the neighbourhood, where the fruits and vegetables are given a second chance by being transformed into delicious meals for people to eat. Why not help out with the collection or distribution of food in our local neighbourhood!

Time: Flexible

Contact: http://amsterdam.tastebeforeyouwaste.org or email info@TasteBeforeYouWaste.nl

Resto VanHarte

Resto VanHarte aims to reduce social isolation and loneliness among people in our neighborhood (Watergraafsmeer). They try to bring people from different backgrounds, religions and ages together by organizing weekly dinners at Grand Cafe Genieten in Oostpoort. Old people, refugees, single parents with their children and many more come together to  make new friends and acquaintances in the neighborhood. It is an amazing initiative to improve a sense of community in Amsterdam-East. Resto VanHarte is always looking for volunteers to do groceries for the event, help cook a 3-course menu, set the tables, decorate the room etc. on Tuesday nights. You can help only once or become a permanent volunteer.

Time: +/- 16:00 – 20:00 on Tuesdays

Language: Both Dutch and English can volunteer (although most visitors/volunteers speak Dutch)

Contact: https://www.restovanharte.nl/vrijwilliger or call 020 303 3030

Joe’s garage

Joe’s garage is a completely voluntary based squatters movement in Amsterdam-Oost, and they are always looking for volunteers throughout the week. On Monday and Thursday nights people are welcome to enjoy a cheap, vegan, locally produced 3-course menu. Every week people sign up to help cook these sustainable meals. If you rather like to be creative, Joe’s is  also looking for people to design their monthly posters. Lastly, on Saturdays, they have a give-away shop. People can leave stuff in the shop and take what they need from it. A great way to prevent waste! Volunteers are always welcome to help out in the shop between 14:00 and 18:00. Make sure to take a look at their website!

Time: on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays only once or multiple times

Language: English and Dutch

Contact: https://joesgarage.nl/meedoen or visit them at Pretoriusstraat 43


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