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AUC's Academic Journal

Set up in 2012 to create a platform for sharing student writing and knowledge, AUC’s academic journal has undergone several identity shifts before becoming InPrint. By publishing a selection of AUC student’s work, we hope to provide the journal’s readers with an insight into courses, disciplines, academia at AUC and academic publishing. The collaborative work of the faculty, editorial board, peer reviewers and (of course) authors led to the publication of the first journal in May 2013. The academic journal is released in two issues, one is dedicated to the capstone and the other is open submissions. This means that all AUC students have the opportunity to get their written work published throughout their time at AUC.

Contact us at < inprint@aucsa.nl > or visit our Facebook page.

How to submit a paper…

The Open Submissions issue of the Academic Journal is dependent on the submission of students’ writing from classes followed in their time at AUC. All submissions are reviewed and a selection is sent to peer reviewers and edited. Ultimately six papers will be published. As of 2018, the Capstone Issue is also run on a submission basis, where six capstones will be selected for publication.

We are currently working on the 2020 Open Issue (Volume 13). Submissions are now open from the 3rd until the 14th of February at 23:59!

In order to submit a paper, please send us an email (inprint@aucsa.nl) with the following:

  • Author’s full name
  • Discipline the paper was written for (HUM, SSC or SCI)
  • Subject and teacher the paper was written for (if applicable)
  • Title
  • Word count
  • A word file of the paper!

Papers for the open issue should be 3500 words or less (longer essays can be shortened) and be academic pieces. Papers written for electives can also be submitted. There are no restrictions to topic, provided the paper is suitable for publication and its argumentation is sound. See full submissions guidlines and Open Issue timeline here.

You can recommend a student to submit a paper by filling out this form.

How to become a peer reviewer…

Aside from this looking great on your CV, it would enormously help out our editorial board if you could be a peer reviewer! The work should take approximately an hour per paper.

In the process we will ask you to point out any inconstancies or errors you see in the papers your receive, and evaluate the paper it based upon a certain list of criteria which we will send to you once the sign-up process has been completed. To be able to do this well, we will only send you papers that you feel comfortable with reviewing in your field.

To make this process as fair as possible, we of course do not want to let favouritism play a part in reviewing papers. Therefore we guarantee anonymity regarding both the papers you receive, and the feedback sent back to the authors. You, as a peer reviewer, will not know who wrote the paper you review and the author will never find out who reviewed his or her work.

In the finalized issue we will publish a collective list of all peer reviewers and thank them for their generous donation of time and effort. Do note that there is no financial or other compensation for your time and effort (although definitely a lot of gratitude). Through using the peer reviewing process, we know we will end up with high quality content and demonstrate the collaborative nature of the publishing process.

You will receive papers no later than the 17th of February and we ask you to provide your feedback by the 26th of February.

Should you fail to meet this deadline or fail to send in your reviews, do note that we may remove your name from the list of peer reviewers in the finalised issue.

In order to sign up as a peer reviewer, please fill out this form.

Editor-in-Chief & Chair
Aisha Erenstein
Parag Dass & Sarah Martinson
Miles Henderson
Amal Salman
Head Editor: Jai Yoon Chung

Editor for the Sciences: Merel Makkus

Editor for the Sciences: Myriam Bellamine

Social Sciences
Head Editor: Parag Dass

Editor for the Social Sciences: Amal Salman

Editor for the Social Sciences: Karla Rojas

Head Editor: Sarah Martinson

Editor for the Sciences: Miles Henderson

Editor for the Sciences: Aster Witvliet


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