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Our Story

Jeugdlab was first envisioned in December 2013, when a former AUC student, Michael Vermeer and two other AUC students took it upon themselves to stimulate the AUC community by creating a social hub at the children’s activity playground, Jeugdland. The main aim of JeugdLab is to break away from the belief that universities should be an ivory tower of knowledge, physically and socially closed of from surrounding societies. Our Jeugdlab board believes that education should not simply be focused on critically assessing global issues, and societal questions from a distance, rather education should focus on providing a space in which individuals can pass on and share knowledge to their community. We strongly believe that through this students as well as individuals from the local community can find a manner to learn and grow with each other instead of staying separated.

This conviction is the driving force behind all of JeugdLab’s work. As our team continuously concerns itself with the sharing of knowledge, by providing extra-curricular education to the primary school children of the Indische Buurt. In our three committees ScienceLab, KookLab, and LeesLab we find new and inventive ways to teach children about everything from how to dissect lungs to how to make glass lanterns. No matter what, our team works hard to ensure that Jeugdlab was, is, and will be a place that develops a joy for learning, a passion for knowledge, and a growing supply of ever-curious minds.



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