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The Yearbook committee devotes one whole year to creating a wonderful yearbook for all of AUC’s students, teachers, and all who share AUC memories. We make sure that the year is captured within the book, by including special events, committees, student initiatives, individual stories and creativity, and much more. We create our own content tuned to the year’s theme, and we build our own design around what we collect from you guys, whether it be photographs, art, fun anecdotes, melancholic farewell statements, or just your portrait picture. We do our best to include it all so that when 40+ years have passed you can still look up your Logic teacher (and look back on all those extra help sessions), your first #AUCrush, or yourself and what you now think is fashion (don’t worry, it comes around). In the end, your experiences here at AUC are worth sharing and remembering.


For any questions, you are more than welcome to contact us on the following:


Our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/yearbookauc/

Our email: yearbook@aucsa.nl


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