What is the Adjusted Schedule?

Due to the outbreak of the virus COVID-19 the AUCSA has cancelled all planned events. However as we realise that social distancing can be hard we have decided to organise an adjusted schedule. We are working hard to think of events you can attend online or otherwise with keeping in mind social distancing. The AUCSA has teamed up with Peersupport and the Student Council to fill the coming weeks with activities. As well on this page you will find initiatives related to the outbreak of COVID-19 in which you can participate or contribute.

In the Calendar below you can see what events are upcoming to replace the regular schedule.


october 19, 2020 - october 25, 2020

  • jul 27, 2020 - aug 02, 2020
  • aug 03, 2020 - aug 09, 2020
  • aug 10, 2020 - aug 16, 2020
  • aug 17, 2020 - aug 23, 2020
  • aug 24, 2020 - aug 30, 2020
  • aug 31, 2020 - sep 06, 2020
  • sep 07, 2020 - sep 13, 2020
  • sep 14, 2020 - sep 20, 2020
  • sep 21, 2020 - sep 27, 2020
  • sep 28, 2020 - oct 04, 2020
  • oct 05, 2020 - oct 11, 2020
  • oct 12, 2020 - oct 18, 2020
  • oct 19, 2020 - oct 25, 2020
  • oct 26, 2020 - nov 01, 2020
  • nov 02, 2020 - nov 08, 2020
  • nov 09, 2020 - nov 15, 2020
  • nov 16, 2020 - nov 22, 2020
  • nov 23, 2020 - nov 29, 2020
  • nov 30, 2020 - dec 06, 2020
  • dec 07, 2020 - dec 13, 2020
  • dec 14, 2020 - dec 20, 2020
  • dec 21, 2020 - dec 27, 2020
  • dec 28, 2020 - jan 03, 2021
  • jan 04, 2021 - jan 10, 2021
  • jan 11, 2021 - jan 17, 2021

20oct7:00 pm8:00 pmAsk the Alumni: Hearts for the ArtsSEC presents: Alumni Series, First Edition

21oct3:00 pm4:15 pmAnti-Racism Initiative: Guest Lecture"Nonracialism, postracialism, or racial settlements: what is our political horizon.”

21oct7:00 pm11:30 pmPlayUC: D&D One-Shot Night

21oct8:00 pm10:30 pmNetflix Party with GAZE - Scent of a Woman

23oct8:00 pm10:00 pmSlayUC: Just Dance

Stay Safe
Follow Government Advice

To stay safe please follow measures and recommendations of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Public Health Services of Amsterdam (GGD).

Following recommendations imposed from the RIVM, it is suggested to do the following:

  • Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly (20 seconds)
  • Cough and sneeze into your elbow
  • Use paper tissues
  • Avoid handshakes
  • Avoid congested spaces
  • Keep 1.5 meters distance
Stay Home

Please remember that the virus is the least dangerous to all of us. The most important responsibility we hold now is that we do not become an extra burden on the healthcare system. Furthermore, please try limit contact with elderly people. Coronavirus is for us ‘just a flu’, but for other people it could lead to a serious and life-threatening disease. Be responsible. In doubt: stay home!

Quarantine Buddies

Quarantine Buddies is a Facebook group founded by Alice and Marianna, its aim is to connect those who are still at the dorms for small scale, social isolation friendly events. These include walks in small groups, potluck brunches and movie nights.

Join Quarantine Buddies
AUC students help Amsterdam-Oost

AUC students help Amsterdam-Oost through the Corona Crisis is a group where you can volunteer those who need help with self-isolation, like walking their dogs or doing groceries.

Join AUC students help Amsterdam-Oost
NOS in English

NOS in English is a Facebook group founded by students of our sister university University College Utrecht, and they translate NOS articles regarding COVID-19 to English. You can help out by translating, or you can just read the latest Dutch news.

Join NOS in English
Video of the SLO

AUC’s Student Life Officer (SLO) has uploaded a video who talks about metal health during this tumultuous time. She talks about where to find support and how to deal with your worries. She also gives tips to deal with stress or anxiety.

Watch Aino's Video
30 Days Split Challenge

Do you want to learn how to do a split? This is your chance! SlayUC is doing a 30 day split challenge, practice every day and become more flexible. In their newly created Facebook group you can share your progress!

Join the 30 Split Challenge
Scriptus Issue Online

Scriptus has been working hard on their issues this year. Their latest Issue was distributed around the AB a few weeks ago, if you missed it you can now find it online! Their latest issue Limit(less) is available in PDF.

Read Scriptus Limit(less)
Catch Workouts

Is the Gym Closed but do you still want to keep moving? Catch has a special message for you! Follow them on Facebook to get workout tips and do their challenges. Make sure not to lose any of those gains this period!

Follow Catch
ART supplies

Do you want to unleash your creativity when you’re in your room? ARTboard has your back because they are lending out art supplies. From brushes to pencils, they have it! You can sing up for art supplies in a google form!

Borrow art supplies
Webradio Quarantine Sets

Are you straight up not vibing with the silence in the Dorms? Well Webradio has the ultimate solution, slap on some headphones and vibe away with the WebRadio Quarantine Sets. Listen to them now on their soundcloud!

Listen now
CUT newsletter

Have you finished everything on Netflix, Disney+, and HBO? CUT has some fresh movie recommendations for you to find some new and engaging movies to watch while in quarantine. They will provide our community with new recommendations each week!

What to watch?
Quarantaine Concerts

Next, for all the people that have been missing performances, or chances to perform, OnStage has got the solution for you. They proudly present the Quarantine Concerts! You could send in videos of you performing any talent you might have!

Submit your performance
Reach out to us!

Email the AUCSA
AUC Student Council
Peer Support

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Student Life Officer

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