Elections AUCSA ’19-’20


Here, you can find any official information regarding the elections of the AUCSA Board of ’19-’20. Every year in May, the AUCSA Board of the next year is elected by the General Assembly (GA). This event is accessible for all members of the AUCSA. During the GA, all candidates may speech and answer questions from the members. A proposed board is then presented by the Elections Commission, after which the voting procedure starts. The candidate with the most votes will fill the board position in the next academic year. This year’s GA is scheduled on the late afternoon of May 14th.


For any additional information about the Elections procedure, such as dates and procedures, scroll down to the bottom of the page!


Nilesh Lalbahadoersing

Hi, my name is Nilesh Lalbahadoersing and I am running for President of the AUCSA 2019-2020.


Nilesh in a Nutshell

I am a second-year science student focusing on Mathematics and Health. I was born and raised in the Netherlands, with a strong influence of Surinamese and Indian culture. Fitness, music and friends are important in my daily life.



Being President means leading the board and representing the AUCSA. I have prior
experience in both areas:

  • As the Head of Logistics of AUCMUN 2019, I was able to manage motivated team members while applying lessons learned in the course Global Leadership. This combination of theory and practice gave me formidable experience in leading a team.
  • For the past year, I have been an AUC Ambassador, representing AUC at fairs and open days, with the aim of giving back to prospective students and our community. I do this with commitment and passion.



For all AUCSA members to have the opportunity to enrich their social lives, I aspire to focus on the following:

  • The further development of communication between committees and AUCSA members. This can be realized by, for example, evaluating the usage of Facebook. Listening to the community will give an answer; either keep using the current platform or search for an alternative.
  • An increase in the number of active members. I hope to do this by shifting the focus from solely first years to also including second and third years. Gaining a better understanding of each year’s interests will play a crucial role in this process.


Finally, I envision an unforgettable year celebrating the 10th anniversary of our Association, hopefully this means winning the UCSRN trophy again as the cherry on top of our birthday cake.

See you at the Elections Debate and GA!



Hey, my name is Sophia Mexi-Jones. I’m a second year science major following the Information track. I will be running for President for the AUCSA board of 2019-2020 and would be honoured to receive your support.


Growing up my family and I moved around a lot courtesy of my parents employment and I always felt like the new girl. So I know personally why the close-knit and welcoming community such as AUC’s is so important. At AUC, I want for you, what AUC has given to me: being accepted into our close knit, inclusive, diverse and warm community. As your president it would be an honour and a privilege to make this a reality for current, as well as incoming, AUC students.


This is the basis upon which I wish to apply for the AUCSA board of 2019-2020. I will endeavour to give back and to bolster the unique atmosphere which has made AUC my home away from home. For me, AUC is one of the few places where one can cultivate their intellectual ambition and curiosity with an ample supply of intelligent, forward thinking, and warm hearted students. If I were elected, I would aim to cultivate these foundations by increasing the integration of people from different years, backgrounds, and interest as it represents an acute area of interest for me. I plan to challenge myself, and the next AUCSA, to bring a closer knit community together whilst still preserving the integral differences amongst the community.

Jet de Vries

Hi everyone! I’m Jet de Vries, a 20-year-old, second-year Social Science student born in Amsterdam. Like many others, I have been able to really find my place at AUC. Here, in this safe and comfortable bubble facilitated by the AUCSA, I found the room to grow as a person and to develop many skills. This bubble, all of you reading this and all of your diverse interests is why I am running for President of the AUCSA 2019-2020.


As the Secretary of SlayUC, the PR-manager of AiMUN, and by working in the USCRN Tournament Team ‘19, I honed my skills as a team player, mediator, and listener. My board experience gave me the opportunity to learn about board dynamics, the importance of open and constructive feedback, and interaction with the AUCSA. I am ready, having experienced the workload of these committees, to take on the challenge of guiding the AUCSA Board.


Besides from my love for our bubble, I have a vision for the AUCSA that I’m determined to realise. Building further on this year’s board’s efforts, I want to make the Association more representative of its student body by making the AUCSA more accessible, more collaborative, and more transparent. Some of my ideas to achieve this are for example centralizing all information to the website, creating feedback and idea forums for more interaction between the Board and the student body, and making board work easier by having the committee assembly in September.


As President of the AUCSA I hope to guide the Board by being an organised, motivated, and listening team player. I want to be as involved with the community as possible, because I see the Association as the beating heart of AUC, and I would love nothing more than to work my ass off to keep that heart beating.


Maurits Jurgens

To everyone who doesn’t know me, my name is Maurits but you might have heard the name Mau drop by. I am a first year social-science student mainly interested in Law and Politics. One reason why I chose to come to AUC is because of what I had heard about the diversity here. And while this is a debatable point, one area where I think AUC truly is diverse is with the different kinds of personalities here. What you can find here and is rare in other universities is the broad range of interests. Even more, in AUC these different personalities are promoted and supported. 27 committees, each with its own aim, prove exactly this. Whatever the interest is of everyone here at AUC, whether coming from far away or just from down the road, there are groups of other people who share these same hobbies. This I want to preserve, which is why I am running to be the Secretary of the AUCSA.


Although we are a fairly small community, it still is hard for some to communicate with others. Whether this is from committees or from individual people. This is something I think that can be improved. The current board is doing a great job already and I want to continue with what they started. One thing would be to become less reliant of Facebook. As much as I love it, I think AUC has become too dependent of it. Of course Facebook can’t be removed in one go, but taking small
steps, this could be achieved in a few years.


To end on a cliché note, what I hope to continue is what sets AUC apart from other universities, and that is the ease of meeting others, to try new things and to learn from each other.




Dear fellow students, my name is Julien, I am a first-year Belgian Social Sciences student majoring in economics. One of the reasons of me coming to AUC was because I was attracted by the diversity of the extra-curricular life. And every day that passes, I feel that I have made the right choice when I participate in the activities organized by committees. Indeed, I have been able this year to enjoy a large range of activities proposed by 27 committees that have always managed to entertain me. I have gained a lot from this rich committee life and I want to engage myself more into it by running for the position of treasurer for next year’s AUCSA. Concerning my committee experience, I have had the chance to be AIMUN’s treasurer and a sponsor manager of AUCMUN. These two positions have taught me a lot about teamwork, organisation and I have gained from them an orderly mind and methodical way of thinking. Moreover, by being part of these two committees, I have been able to do all kind of financial related tasks and gain insight on how a treasury and the AUCSA work.


Besides my desire to take more responsibilities in AUC’s committee life, I also want to be part of the AUCSA because of my vision for it. I envision a future in which the AUCSA is financially healthy and with a completely transparent and easily accessible budget. I also visualize an AUCSA which puts in place a more interactive discourse with all its committees and members. My love for the AUC community, eagerness to learn and desire to improve this student body even further are my motivations to run for the position of treasurer for next year, and I will dedicate myself at 100% to this project.

Committee Affairs Officer

Boris Koehoorn

What is your passion?

It seems like a simple question, but it goes down to the core of who you are as a person. When you are wrapped up in an intensive education that challenges you, it might be hard to find a moment to ask yourself: what is my passion? Luckily, we are not here alone, we have friends and ways of exploring passions. At AUC we pride ourselves in diversity, but it does not imply that everyone is different. We are surrounded by talented people who share passions and ideas.


At the core of our community, we have an institution, the AUCSA, that allows people to come together and explore and enjoy these passions. Everyone that attends AUC deserves a place in this community to find those who share the things that sparks joy. As CAO my obligation to you is to make sure that everyone can find their place in the community so carefully crafted by our predecessors. My goal is to make sure that we maintain an extraordinary environment in which people are allowed to pursue their passions and find the people who help them achieve greatness and thus, supporting the committees to attain their goal is my number one priority.


While the committees lay at the core of the events, the AUCSA must make sure that our next generations will enjoy the fruits of our community. I would like to extend this approach by taking steps to make the AUCSA more sustainable, financially but also environmentally. As a community, we have this responsibility for the future of our school and association. Together, by finding the answer to that question: what is your passion? This association will
thrive by giving everyone a place, with ideas big or small.

Pieter Parlevliet

Today, I came back to Amsterdam after being away for the whole spring break and as I was walking from the train station to the dorms I ran into other AUC students three times. This is not a very special story, but these mundane encounters made me realise again how much I value this community and why I would love to be part of next year’s AUCSA board.


Even though I did not know all of them well, I still felt a connection with these people that I came across. Just because we are all part of this same community. Having just been away for a week and meeting a few of these people in that extremely short walk really gave me the feeling of being back home. Back in our lovely little bubble.


I want to give back to this bubble, that has given me so much fun, experiences, and friends by serving the community in a year of board membership. I hope to be involved in all sorts of activities as a CAO and, by doing that, keep the association interesting and inclusive for everyone, also the people that are not as happy with the bubbliness of our college as me.


Experience teaches me that I am a good listener that is nuanced and open-minded when someone asks for help, comes up with new ideas or disagrees with something. At the same time, in group projects, committees or meetings I also manage to argue for, and convince people of, my own ideas when I believe it is important to do so. It would be an honour to use these qualities to serve our association.

Alexander Sleeckx

I’m Alex, here to entertain you for the year to come, no matter what, and hopefully as one of your next Committee Affairs Officers. Let me try and give you a clear view of what I think should be maintained, and what parts of our shared social experiences at AUC I want to focus on improving. But first a bit about


I’m 23 years old and currently in my second year at AUC, studying chemistry and geosciences. It took me some time to get settled in Amsterdam, and committee life was a vital part of that. Starting to explore the different events our committees had to offer, my involvement within the community kept on  growing. By setting up cozy game nights with PlayUC, gaining creative powers while learning improv comedy and through organizing events with AUCWebradio, I achieved a bundle of odd but useful skills. The culmination has been leading AUC towards the UCSRN Tournament together with my three team members.


This is my plan: To connect, transition, represent and evolve the community. I hope to connect next year’s new generation of students with our current established community even better than before. Introducing them to our committees, which are the reason why we have this association in the first place, and putting an emphasis on a clean transition between old and new members is so very crucial. Furthermore, every committee deserves their cut of the yearly budget, and it’s important to understand why. And lastly, the community’s interests are constantly evolving, which I hope to see happen under
good guidance.


What the AUCSA gave to me over the past two years, is something I wish for every single one of you. I will commit to make progress towards a closer community and happily give back the knowledge I gained.

Rosa Wijnen

Hi everyone, my name is Rosa, and you might know me as the yearbook photographer who yells “Please come take your yearbook picture!!!” to everybody. This goal to get all the students’ pictures in the yearbook shows that I care about everyone being an active member of the AUC community, which is also what I hope to achieve as an AUCSA board member next year. I plan on doing this by focusing on approachability, inclusivity, and communication.


I like how the approachability of the current board makes all students feel welcome at AUC, and I want to strengthen this by (re-)introducing the weekly Couch Sessions and the monthly newsletters. In addition to this, I would like to gather the valuable ideas of the students, through discussion groups or an idea box. Another important point is the inclusion of exchange students, because it would be great to involve this interesting and fun part of the community more in social life at AUC. A great first step towards this could be increasing exposure to AUCSA during the February Introduction Week. Lastly, I want to work on the communication between the students, the committees, add the AUCSA, to ensure that everyone gets to enjoy the amazing events that our committees organise.


Personally, I feel like the committees and their events largely enriched my first-year experience at AUC, because they gave me the opportunity to make new friends and to develop non-academic skills. I am running for the position of CAO, because I care about the committees and would love to help them thrive. I also think my character matches well with the position, because I am committed, organised, and easy-going. I am also a creative and active person, and I would very much like to invest these qualities in the Association.

The Elections Commission


The 2019 Elections Commission [EC] is composed of one ex-AUCSA Board member (Berend Jansen) and two independent members (Didi Altena & Lizzy Da Rocha Bazilio). The EC is responsible for organizing the elections procedure of the new AUCSA Board of 2019-2020 up until the General Assembly [GA]. They review the incoming applications, conduct the interviews with the candidates, and ask specific questions during the Elections Debate. Based on all applications, interviews, and performances during the debate, as well as through their own expertise, the EC will propose a Board during the Elections GA. This proposed board consists of the candidates they deem best fit for the AUCSA Board of 2019-2020, both in terms of their individual skills and their perception on how they would work together.


Board of 2018-2019 involvement


The current AUCSA Board is solely involved with the promotion of the elections timeline and procedure. They do not have access to the motivation letters and have no influence on the interviews, debate and proposed board. You can find more information about the functioning of the EC or the current board in our Statutes & Policy Manual.

The election journey


This list provides a step-by-step guide on the process leading up to the Elections General Assembly.


  1. Attend the Elections info sessions during the lunch break on March 11th & 12th.
  2. Schedule a coffee date in between March 14th – March 25th  by mailing info@aucsa.nl. Make sure to specify which position you’re interested in, and which board member you would like to go on a date with (you can choose more than one). At the date, you can ask any questions you like.
  3. Apply officially: send in your motivation letter (max 1000 words) and CV to elections@aucsa.nl by March 29thIn your motivation letter, address the following topics:
      1. Why are you applying for the AUCSA Board?
      2. If you are applying for a specific position, why this one in particular, and what makes you the right person for it?
      3. What would being part of the AUCSA Board contribute to you personally?
      4. What is your vision for the AUCSA in five years?
  4. Come in for an interview with the Election Commission. Interviews are between April 1st – April 18th.
  5. Send your elections statement to elections@aucsa.nl by  April 28th.
  6. Participate in the debate between candidates on May 9th.
  7. Deliver your speech at the General Assembly on May 14th.


Any questions about this process? Please email info@aucsa.nl.

All important dates


11-12 March Attend info sessions

14-25 March Schedule coffee dates

29 March Application Deadline (apply early!)

1-18 April Come in for your Elections interview

28 April Elections statement deadline

9 May Elections debate

14 May Elections GA

7-9 June Transition weekend