april, 2016

28AprilAll Day01MayAIMUN: MUNOTH

Event Details

This year AIMUN again brings you the opportunity to attend the largest university-level MUN in Europe! Delegates who are selected to attend this prestigious conference will receive training in essential skills, and will have their conference fees paid by AIMUN! Apply before 21st February.

MUNOTH has undergone expedient development in the past years with the help of dedicated organizers and enthusiastic participants. This year, the aim is to build upon our set foundations and emphasize our theme which reads: “World in Flux: The Apex of Systemic Fragility” as it will be the overarching background upon which MUNOTH 2016 will take place.

The conference consits of a simulation of United Nations organs and other fora of international affairs, challenging young people to take on the roles of world leaders. Participants assume the mantles of national ambassadors, simulating various organs, committees and specialised agencies while seeking to resolve outstanding issues on the international agenda, from human rights to breaches of the peace. “


12:05am - 11:55pm


The Hague