march, 2022

17March6:00 pm7:30 pmAUInvest: FIRE Movement; Invest in Your Future

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The FIRE movement stands for Financial Independence Retire Early, rather than an actual unified movement, it is a lifestyle and investing philosophy adopted by young people in recent years. It centres around maximising savings and decreasing expenses in order to invest money in a way that you create passive reliable income to retire in your 30s or 40s, buying your freedom! 

The speaker, Ferdi Kabak, is currently pursuing a dual masters in science, business and innovation finance and has previously appeared in a NOS documentary on FIRE. He  created his own Financial Education platform called Freedom, where he teaches students the basics of personal finances, spending habits and general/common investment strategies. 

He will be coming to AUC with an amazing presentation of what is FIRE, the basic necessary knowledge surrounding the types of investments it entails, alongside the most common traps young people lose money on (depreciating products, useless spending, etc…). Furthermore, he will teach certain rules to the FIRE investing philosophy, its risks and how it plays out in real life. Therefore, he will be doing real-life examples as well as explaining the industries surrounding those.

All in all, this workshop is a must-see for any student. Even if you do not aim to retire at 30, it is imperative that everyone learn how to start investing in your freedom as soon as possible, so that we may enjoy our lives to the fullest, without falling trap to a career for the money!


6:00pm - 7:30pm





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