february, 2016

25February9:00 pm12:00 pmLustrum Location and Theme Reveal Borrel

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To whom it may concern,

This academic year at Amsterdam University College is a historic one. Besides the fact that our student body is the largest it has ever been, our committees are increasing in quality and number, and the Excellent & Diverse fish still haven’t died, it is also exactly 5 years ago that the foundation of student life here in the idyllic Science Park was born, namely, The Amsterdam University College Student Association.

And what does this mean do you ask? This means the association is privileged to host their very first Lustrum event. Lustrum, dating back from ancient Rome meaning a period of five years, is a significant moment for the AUCSA for she can reflect on all the progress she has made, and look to a bright and buzzing future. Five boards have come and gone, many alumni are out and about changing the world, and the current student body is blossoming like never before. In light of all this we need to celebrate, and in a big way.

The 9th of April will be a day for in the record books. The majestic AUCSA with all its members and alumni will come together and rejoice in the memories made, and make a toast to a bright and bold future. This will be done at a yet to be revealed location paired with a yet to be revealed theme. These two mysteries will be uncovered by means of a motion picture shown for the very first time to you all in our very own AUCafe.

So come, have a drink, blow off the steam of suspense leading up to the big unmasking, and be flabbergasted by the concoction we have brewed for you.

Respectfully yours,

AUCSA’s Lustrum Team


9:00pm - 12:00pm