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◑◑◑AUCafe Presents: Sinterklaas Borrel◑◑◑

It’s that time of the year again, Sinterklaas our own mythical figure with legendary, historical and folkloric origins based on Saint Nicholas is back in the country.
The Good Holy Man invites all of you to celebrate his existence at AUC’s own cafe. Let him bless you with his almighty pepernoten and delicious ‘speculaas-shots’.
Just between you and me, Sinterklaas himself will appear during the night so be prepared!

In a nutshell:
-take selfies with Sinterklaas himself 😮
-pepernoten (free)
-special ‘speculaas’ liquor shots
-shots (jagermeister, vodka, tequilla) for 1,- till 22:00

May all your dreams come true this Sinterklaas. May Sinterklaas bring joy and luck to you!

Lobi <33


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