may, 2021

13May8:00 pm10:00 pmThe Love Witch - Discord Screening

Event Details

On the 13th May, CUT will be hosting a Discord screening of The Love Witch (dir. Anna Biller, 2016) which is probably unlike anything you have ever seen before…

(We’ll be distributing free popcorn, sign up with the link we provide here)


It is, at once, an excellently executed pastiche of the melodramatic horror tradition of the 60’s, and a sardonic feminist monster movie that seems deeply current. The film revolves around the titular “love witch”, Elaine: a gloriously glamorous and equally deranged anti-heroine who endeavors to find true love but ends up leaving a trail of Ken-doll looking corpses in her wake instead (don’t you just hate it when that happens?)


The film’s a feast for the eyes: shot in gorgeous technicolor, and with some god-tier set- and costume-design. It has a wonderfully campy aesthetic, executed with astounding attention to detail. From rubber-gloved hands stirring a bubbling cauldron perched precariously on a hotplate; to a frankly concerning amount of gaudy gold candelabra; to Elaine’s iconic signature blue eyeshadow-look — every frame is a visual delight.


The film also features what critics have deemed “cinema’s greatest tampon joke,” and if that’s not a good selling point we don’t know what is?


Hope to see you there!


xxx CUT


8:00pm - 10:00pm