november, 2016

08November(November 8)11:00 pm09(November 9)6:00 amUS Presidental Elections @ AUCafè

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Exposed to everything from Hilary´s economic plans to Trump´s shotout to “make American great again” and tendency to grope sexy tv-reporters, americans are again faced with the ultimate play-off in the dirty game of politics: the US presidental election.

Following one of the most media-covered, attention-given, overhyped political presidental campaigns since the dawn of time Americans are asked to make a choice and cast their votes while the rest of the world is left in suspense shaking their heads from their large European/Asian horse wondering if their deep sentiment towards american stupidity once and for all can be confirmed, except for China who after all only spend their time speculating on how to steal American jobs and money…

Will it be Trump? Will it be Clinton?
Plot-twist: BERNIE SANDERS makes a comeback

The political reality will unravel itself as each of the 50 states finally gets coloured in red or blue and the result turns into a new 4-year residence in the White House frequently asking him/herself: What would Frank Underwood do?

Come to follow the screening of the election state-by-state, rewatch the presidental debates or misschien a epsiode of the apprentice, the occasional trump/clinton sing-off, engage in discussion on the evil of China or the botox dose in clinton´s forehead & misschien some beer to spice it all up.

Whatever happens, it´ll sure be hella fucked up when Trump is involvedUS Presidental Elections


11:00pm - 6:00am