september, 2017

21September7:30 pm9:00 pmYoga with Laika

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As in previous years, we have held onto the idea that the practice of mindfulness, in all shapes and forms, should be made as accessible and applicable as possible to everyone. ZEN’s aim is to bring the AUC community together in this endeavor of self-care: not only to let go and relax, but also to learn and grow with each other, as a whole.

Our yoga practices are always held in the dorms, right down the hall from your room!
They’re free, so no need to empty your pockets on that luxury studio membership.
No previous knowledge or experience is required, we come to together as friends.

So, why not come join us this Thursday! Whether searching for your daily fix, or wanting to try something new, Laika’s class will be just the thing for you! Here is a little bit about her and what she does:

The style of yoga that I practice is called Pralaya. Pralaya is derived from traditional yoga but adjusted to the Western lifestyle. Its focus points are creating better posture, strengthening weak muscles and stretching tight muscles and connective tissue. In short creating more balance!
My classes consist of a short breathing session to warm up, then more physical poses and stretches, and at the end a short relaxation. I try to adjust my classes according to needs of the people that join them, so every class is a little different but that keeps it exciting and personal. I couldn’t stress enough that anyone is more then welcome to come. You don’t need to have experience or be flexible. You only need to be curious.

NOTE: We only have space for a maximum of 10 people in the common room, so please sign up here…

… to reserve your spot. Please respect the physical limits of our room and only come if you have signed up. Also, please remove your name from the sign-up list when you know you cannot make it anymore, so that others can take your spot. Don’t have a mat? Don’t worry, we have 5 mats (but not more) for you to borrow.

See you there!

– Namaste

P.S. location is TBA, so keep an eye out!


7:30pm - 9:00pm