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Due to the government advice for preventing the spread of COVID-19, larger than 15 people events have to be approved by the AUCSA Board. Please contact for more information.

july 26, 2021 - august 1, 2021

  • may 03, 2021 - may 09, 2021
  • may 10, 2021 - may 16, 2021
  • may 17, 2021 - may 23, 2021
  • may 24, 2021 - may 30, 2021
  • may 31, 2021 - jun 06, 2021
  • jun 07, 2021 - jun 13, 2021
  • jun 14, 2021 - jun 20, 2021
  • jun 21, 2021 - jun 27, 2021
  • jun 28, 2021 - jul 04, 2021
  • jul 05, 2021 - jul 11, 2021
  • jul 12, 2021 - jul 18, 2021
  • jul 19, 2021 - jul 25, 2021
  • jul 26, 2021 - aug 01, 2021
  • aug 02, 2021 - aug 08, 2021
  • aug 09, 2021 - aug 15, 2021
  • aug 16, 2021 - aug 22, 2021
  • aug 23, 2021 - aug 29, 2021
  • aug 30, 2021 - sep 05, 2021
  • sep 06, 2021 - sep 12, 2021
  • sep 13, 2021 - sep 19, 2021
  • sep 20, 2021 - sep 26, 2021
  • sep 27, 2021 - oct 03, 2021
  • oct 04, 2021 - oct 10, 2021
  • oct 11, 2021 - oct 17, 2021
  • oct 18, 2021 - oct 24, 2021

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What is the AUCSA

The Amsterdam University College Student Association (AUCSA), founded in 2010, is the umbrella organization that provides a platform for all the social activities of students at AUC. Activities include sports tournaments, parties, MUN-conferences and other initiatives proposed by groups of students of all sizes.


The association has around 900 members – all AUC students are included in the AUCSA body. Of our members, around 170 are in a board of one of the dozens of committees. These committees form the heart of the social life at AUC, and organize almost every event.


AUCSA is part of the University College Student Representatives of the Netherlands (UCSRN), a joint initiative by all University Colleges around the country to unite, support, and foster competition between them. We are proud of our active role in supporting the UCSRN, and even more so to have won the last four annual tournaments in a row.

Why is the AUCSA here

The primary role of the AUCSA is to facilitate and coordinate student endeavours: the actual organization and realization of events and activities is done by the committees and their respective boards. Together with all its members, the AUCSA Board strives for the further development of extra-curricular student activities at AUC. In order to achieve this, AUCSA encourages all students to take initiatives and become involved in one of the many projects and activities available, or realise an idea themselves. By encouraging these ideas put forth by enthusiastic students we fill the student’s agenda’s with exciting events throughout the year. Together, AUCSA and the committees endeavour to foster an active student community so that all students take full advantage of their time as an AUC student.

While our beloved Student Council is concerned mainly with academic matters, improving the curriculum, student welfare and other topics, the AUCSA is concerned with all social aspects of the community.


The AUCSA provides funding and an organizational framework for the committees, thus creating a platform that enables students to develop themselves professionally and organize fun and social events. The committee boards have a set structure with clearly divided tasks, comprising at least of chair, secretary, and treasurer, all of which are vital for the functioning of committee boards. Furthermore, the AUCSA strives to create a great, open, and interactive social community at AUC, to create a full community feeling for the students. It adheres to its six pillars, which guide every decision made.


Committees, Commissions & Teams


Board meetings


Committee members


UCSRN wins

The AUCSA Board
Our Pillars


Studying at AUC would never be the experience it could be without the efforts of the AUCSA’s committees, teams, and commissions. We are fully committed to supporting them through the challenges that the year may bring. At the same time, we emphasize the importance of active participation of all members in the Association’s life, which is the core of our community. This explicitly includes more than only committee board members. The AUCSA thrives with the ideas, work, and participation of all its members. We expect that the increased engagement of AUCSA members will also improve members’ participation in General Assemblies through more interactive discussion and decision-making. Without active members, events, or projects the AUCSA would not be able to exist. We, therefore, hope to foster this culture of engagement, improving the AUC community together.


Our community of internationally-oriented students brings together diverse experiences. As an inclusive association, it is our goal to create equal opportunities for all students and to foster an environment in which different perspectives are explicitly valued. In this way, we support an inclusive atmosphere where we can continuously learn from one another. In collaboration with the Diversity Commission and the Anti-Racism Initiative Fund, alongside the involvement of all members, we aim for the Association to be an inclusive community that celebrates all gender identities, nationalities, religions, abilities, cultures, and ethnicities. In pursuit of this, we aim to host accessible and varied AUCSA events that allow the community to be a place of self-discovery and awareness of others. We strive to take concrete steps that build an actively anti-racist Association by enabling students to organize initiatives that address (anti-)racism. We want to nurture AUC as a safe space that amplifies all voices and fosters the well-being of each and every member of our student body.


Our coexistence with the world around us is dependent upon our actions in everyday life. We believe that using the resources available to us comes with a responsibility to our planet. We strive to combat climate change and maintain awareness of the environmental impacts of our actions as an association. The Sustainability Commission (SUSCOM) safeguards the sustainability level of the Board and of AUCSA’s committees and teams. The commission is a direct advisor to the Board and acts as its extension by providing members with policy briefs and a green letter, thereby informing members on how to act more sustainably. Apart from increasing awareness among students, its main tasks are measuring the Association’s carbon footprint and proposing more sustainable options. As engaged and passionate individuals, we feel it lies in our hands to ensure the sustainability of our Association.


Next to supporting committees, the AUCSA values the many connections it has with parties outside the Association. We aim to maintain close relationships with other University Colleges through the UCSRN, the umbrella organisation of UC’s in the Netherlands. By working closely together with organisations in Amsterdam and our Acquisitions Commission, we continue to offer our members a growing network of opportunities outside the bubble. Apart from fostering ideas and interests of AUC students within our university, we also encourage members to get involved with local communities in Amsterdam and to explore their academic, professional, and extracurricular interests. Also, we intend to form friendships and collaborations with other student associations in Amsterdam. In this way, we strive to increasingly bring the Association and its members in contact with the many facilities and opportunities the city of Amsterdam has to offer.


Having over 900 students in our lovely bubble, we want to ensure the availability of information as well as the fluent exchange of information between all members, committees, and the Board. We stand for clarity, transparency, and inclusivity in terms of internal communication, and we believe that a meaningful feedback system is a way to move forward for the organization as a whole. Keeping the website as a centralised platform of information, we also strive to improve our social media performance and equalise exposure of committee events and initiatives, making sure that students can learn about activities and opportunities encompassing AUC. We aim to provide a clear framework for our committees, commissions, and teams, and give them the tools and skillset needed to efficiently communicate within our Association. Alongside this, we aim to close the gap between different committees, students, and the Board by being approachable and by encouraging interconnections in our Association.



One of the most important aims of our community is its continuity. The inclusion and engagement of our first years play an important role in making sure that the Association has passionate and involved members. The AUCSA prioritizes the integration of first years in the AUC community and Amsterdam, and the inclusion of first years in all the opportunities we as a community have access to. In this way, the AUCSA commits to striving for a smooth and equal integration for all new students, despite the challenges that the current year may bring. We emphasize the value that the first years’ diverse backgrounds and perspectives bring to the Association. We intend to stimulate events that spread more awareness of the multitude of cultures that the AUC student body has to offer. This makes students feel more at home, and most importantly it allows our community to continuously change and grow.