External Positions

External Positions

On this page AUCSA wants to highlight some of the other wonderful opportunities that Amsterdam has to offer us. These can be anything from student initiatives to CP/I opportunities or job offers.

Would you like to have your opportunity on this page?

You can reach us on info@aucsa.nl


UCSRN Tournament 22-23

The UCSRN Tournament is a friendly competition in which all the University Colleges of the Netherlands compete in different disciplines to obtain the famous inter-UC cup! The tournament will include a wide variety of disciplines, ranging from cultural activities such as dance and painting to sports activities like football and running! Besides those, there will also be many social events open to both participants and spectators! See you soon 😉

You can reach us @UCSRNTOURNAMENT2023

Right2Education is looking for new buddies

Right2Education is a student-led initiative providing free Dutch and English courses for refugees in the Amsterdam area. In Right2Education we believe that education happens not only in a classroom but also outside of it, through social activities and discussions. This is why in our Buddy System we pair R2E students with other students in Amsterdam and organic weekly events and excursions.

We are looking for students who want to meet up with an R2E student once a week, take part in weekly events, and most importantly make new friends and enjoy the cultural richness Amsterdam has to offer.

Sign up to be a buddy for Right2Education here: https://linktr.ee/Right2Education before November 10th

Student Associations in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has a thriving student community with various student associations. There are plenty of associations and activities for students to participate in alongside their studies. We want to share these with you so you can take advantage of the opportunities outside the bubble. It is a great way to meet other students, including those from different programmes.

Take this quiz to find out what associations would suit you: https://www.lidwordeninamsterdam.nl/?lang=en

Check out this UvA page for a list of student associations: https://student.uva.nl/en/content/az/student-associations/student-associations.html