Student Initiative Fund

Student Initiatives

Do you have an idea for an event, but it does not fit with any of the exisiting committees, commissions, or teams? In that case the student initiative might be the solution for you.

AUCSA is all about encouraging student initiatives. Many of our members join committees, commissions, or teams to participate in our community and help organise events for everyone to enjoy. However, there will always be some events that do not fit perfectly with any of the existing boards. If that happens, AUCSA can still help you out. Each year we make a fund of €300 available for student initiatives. Any AUCSA member can apply for this fund and receive financial aid to help their cause. 


how to apply

Applying to the fund is simple! Just fill in the Google Forms below. It will ask you for a description of your initiative, and an explanation of how you will use the funding. Submissions will be reviewed by the AUCSA board. If approved, one of the board members will become available to help with the organisation of your initiative.

For questions/comments, contact