CCT Board Positions

Internal positions

Here you can find an overview of all our Committees, Commissions, and Teams that are currently looking for members. Always wanted to be part of a board? This is the place to start!

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Want to join Couture? (The amazing fashion committee with the fashion show at the end of the year!) Fill out this questionaire and we’ll be in contact with you super soon! Any questions? DM us on Instagram @couture_auc! Phone and e-mail are for us to get in touch with you, please use the ones you check the most!

We have these positions available:

  • Chair
  • Treasurer
  • PR Manager
  • Fashion Show Manager

If you have a vested interest in AUC being a more unique, diverse, and safe space for all students, then join the Diversity Commission (DivCom). Our commission is dedicated to promoting and maintaining the diversity of AUC, whether that is organizing workshops or guest speakers for students, working with the university administration to improve curriculum and organize training for teachers, or working with other committees to ensure that AUC events are a place for everybody!

We currently have all positions open for the upcoming year! Apply here by June 15th.

We’re AUCommunity and we’re looking for a new board for 2024-2025! This year, AUCommunity has organised a cute and cozy Sinterklaas gift exchange, a dumpling-making Lunar New Year workshop, and International Day (with food, music, and performances) with many committees collabs! Would you like to join a board that is passionate about diversity, sharing our cultures with each other, and that loves organising fun new events that brings people together? Fill in this form to submit your application by June 28!

Available positions:
1. Chair: Is responsible for managing the team and oversee event planning, ensure our mission of celebrating diversity and culture is fulfilled. The chair will also host and facilitate meetings and delegate tasks to board members to keep track of the workflow.

2. Treasurer: Is responsible for the financial administration of their CCT. At the beginning of the year they create the yearly budget in collaboration with their CAO/Liaison, and sign the CCT contract.

3. Secretary: Takes the minutes for every board meeting and checks the CCT email inbox regularly. This role entails a lot of communication and administrative work, and also involves helping guide meetings according to the agenda.

4. PR Manager: Is responsible for the CCTs visibility and event promo to the student body. They must ensure that all social media platforms are up to date and accessible, design and print posters, and update the CCTs page on the AUCSA website.

5. General Board Member (GBM): An active participant in the board’s organisation and activity—they help out a little bit with every other position, especially during busier periods when the work piles up!

~ Please note that AUCommunity is an event-driven committee, so all board members work together to plan, organise, and delegate work for every event! ~

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