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Internal Positions

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InPrint is AUC’s academic journal. We publish twice per academic year: the Capstone Issue in December, and the Open Issue in May. These publications showcase the excellent and diverse undergraduate work that takes place here at AUC – and to keep this going we need your submissions!


Having just finished the Capstone Issue (check it out here https://aucsa.nl/committees/inprint/), we’re now taking submissions for our next Open Issue. There are no restrictions to topic, provided the paper is suitable for publication and its argumentation is scientifically sound. Papers submitted for electives can also be submitted.


The author must be a student at AUC at the time of submission. If selected, the editorial board will work with the authors to polish and improve the papers before publication. Papers should be 3500 words or less, but longer essays can be shortened.


Sound interesting? You can apply by sending an e-mail to inprint@aucsa.nl, but first make sure to check the submissions guidelines here! The deadline is on the 14th of February at 23:59. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates!


You can also recommend a student to submit a paper by filling out this form.


If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!


Pangea, the Sustainability Committee
Join one of our Working Groups, Repair, Food or Gardening. (description of the working groups is in the form.)
There is no deadline since anyone can join whenever they want throughout the year
If anyone has any questions they can send us a message through facebook, instagram or ask one of the committee members about it. 
External Positions


Internship opportunity at Ekster Amsterdam as a Communications Manager / Marketing strategist!


This awesome Amsterdam-based company creates high-quality, water resistant, trackable smart wallets. Founded by a UC alumnus and praised by Forbes (among others), Ekster is a great example of innovative business strategy! Do you want to fulfill an internship for 2-3 flexible days a week, receive a monthly commission of €300,- to €500,- per month and are do you want to work in a professional customer care environment?


In short: are you Ekster’s new Communications Manager / Marketing Strategist? Then apply here: https://jobs.ekster.com/communications-manager-marketing-strategist/en. For questions please send an email to acquisitions@aucsa.nl or contact us on Facebook!


*This opportunity is brought to you by the AUCSA Acquisitions Team*

AUC Solidarity Fund

Applications open until May 30th!


The AUC Solidarity Fund is a student initiative that aims to support the students of Amsterdam University College in times of financial stress. The AUC student community is tight-knit and ambitious, but for some of us, unexpected financial difficulties can get in the way of academic and social participation. Through a variety of fundraising events, we try to help our community. Join us!


Positions open:

  • Co-chairman
  • Secretary
  • Internal Fundraiser
  • External Fundraiser


Want to join us? Email your CV, a brief motivation letter (max. 250 words), and position interested in to info.sf@aucsc.nl.


Almost done with AUC? Do you want to stay in Amsterdam but you don’t want to continue studying immediately? Then this might be the perfect job for you!


At Grasple (http://grasple.com/) we are looking for a new Customer Success Manager: someone who wants to help teachers and students with using Grasple in their education. We are a young and close-knit team with a social mission: make education open and available for everyone.


We are looking for someone who has a passion for education and is fluent in both Dutch and English. You can read more about Grasple, the job description and the team here. And maybe you will become our newest team member!

Board of Studies

The Board of Studies is looking for new student members for the year 2020-2021!

The Board of Studies (BoS) is one of AUC’s participatory governance bodies and comprises four students and four lecturers. As a member, you will have the opportunity to take part in the quality assurance and development of our programme and to make a difference in AUC’s curriculum and degree structure. It is a great opportunity to become a student representative and acquire professional skills, such as formal written and verbal communications within an institution. Your work in the Board of Studies can also count as a CPI project. Find more information and how to apply via the link below! Apply by 11 May.
Internships & Community Projects


TNO/ECN (Amsterdam) offers internships for students interested in the (social aspects of the) energy transition. Duration and starting dates are flexible. Contact Lieke Dreijerink for more information: lieke.dreijerink@tno.nl

Taste before you Waste

We are looking for interns!

Join our team by filling in for one of these positions:

Outreach Coordinator:

  • Create a monthly newsletter
  • Identify and contact potential partners relevant to TBYW through ongoing research and evaluation
  • Research and assist in developing plans for expanding the TBYW presence online and offline
  • Around 10 hours/week flexible, except for participation in a weekly team meeting (times TBC)

Workshop Coordinator:

  • Planning and organising consciousness-building programmes at the Tuesday workshops
  • Communicating and collaborating with workshop guests and presenters
  • Managing the ticket sale
  • Being available every other Tuesday evening from 17:00-21:00 as well as 3 additional hours at flexible times during the week and participation in a weekly team meeting (times TBC)

Cultural Programme Coordinator:

  • Planning and organising consciousness-building programmes at the Wasteless Culture dinners (e.g. documentary screenings, debates, guest speakers, workshops, quizzes)
  • Communicating, collaborating and receiving guest speakers, documentary makers, fellow initiatives, musicians
  • Representing the message of TBYW during the dinners
  • Being available on Mondays from 16:00 – 22:00 as well as 3 additional hours at flexible times during the week and participation in a weekly team meeting (times TBC)

Facebook Coordinator:

  • Attend and report on our activities
  • Create engaging content such as stories, posts and snapshots
  • Maintain our facebook account on a daily basis
  • Around 10 hours/week flexible, except for participation in a weekly team meeting (times TBC)

Instagram coordinator:

  • Attend and report on our activities
  • Create engaging content – stories, posts etc.
  • Maintain Instagram account on a daily basis
  • Around 10 hours/week flexible, except for participation in a weekly team meeting (Tuesdays 9:30-11:30)

Team Coordinator:

  • Recruit volunteers and interns
  • Keep our vacancies up-to-date on various platforms
  • Keep the volunteer work schedule up-to-date and manage the attendance of volunteers


  • Write blog posts on a weekly a basis on TBYW-relevant themes, e.g. citizen activism, food security, education, environmentalism, cooking etc.
  • Attend and blog on our events
  • Interview related projects and write about them
  • 10 hours/week flexible, except for participation in a weekly team meeting (times TBC)


Email us a short motivational letter (300 – 500 words) and a CV to


Reading in Quarantine: Pandemic Literature in Times of COVID-19

As countries across the world have been forced into lockdown due to the Coronavirus, people have started reading again. And they’re all reading Albert Camus’ The Plague, about a North African town struck by the plague. However, Camus’ novel is only the most famous in a long and venerable tradition of imaginative writing about pandemics, which includes works by literary giants such as Bocaccio, Daniel Defoe, Mary Shelley, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and José Saramago.

In this undergraduate research project, we’ll be acquainting ourselves with this literary tradition. Reading this pandemic literature in times of COVID-19 will make this tradition newly relevant and enable us to develop new and fresh interpretations. At the same time, it may offer us unexpected perspectives on our own challenging times. In any case, the aim of this URP is twofold: students will not only achieve in-depth knowledge of pandemic literature, but they’ll also use this knowledge to reflect critically on our own times. As such, this URP will require participants to read, discuss, reflect, and write intensively about pandemic literature, about the Coronavirus, and, possibly, about themselves.

To get involved, send an email to f.j.krijnen@auc.nl to show your interest!

Tamizdat Project

Tamizdat Project seeks volunteers to work with archival and library holdings, transcribe relevant sources in manuscript or print form, translate, annotate and upload them to the website, depending on the volunteer’s academic interests and needs. Knowledge of Russian is welcomed but not required, and we are also looking for those with a reading knowledge of Polish, German, French, Dutch, Italian and other languages. Please let us know if you have any experience in proofreading and copyediting, as well as in web design and programming, or if you’d like to help us promote Tamizdat Project on social media. All volunteers are credited as contributors to the project and invited to participate in Tamizdat Project workshops and seminars. To meet our team of volunteers, click here! To join the project, please fill out this questionnaire and send it to tamizdatproject@gmail.com. Thank you for your contributions!

MKB Digital Workspace

The digital workspace Amsterdam is an organisation that helps connecting small companies and talented students in order to help small companies digitize and innovate further. Corona is currently hitting a lot of small companies and these companies can use some support right now.

We are therefore currently looking for students that want to volunteer to help small companies with questions related to the Corona situation. Think about questions like ‘how do I set up a webinar or how do I make a website’? The company obviously does not have to pay for you help.

What do we ask from you as a volunteer?

  • 2-6 hours of time to help or advise a company, you can determine when and how much time you want to spend

  • Some knowledge of digital techniques, online marketing or other skills that companies can use right now. You do not have to be an expert, as long as you know more as the small company you can already be of help!

  • Tell us what you can help with, so we can make a good match

  • Willingness to comunicate with the company via Skype, Zoom, phone or another tool

What happens after signing up?

  • When a company signs up and is a match with your skillset, we match you and the company and we will inform you about that

  • You will receive contact information of the company so you can set a time and data for a collaboration session

  • We guide all sessions so you can have a nice experience in helping the company

Want to sign up, you can do so here!


Z-AUC Coaching is opzoek naar studiecoaches voor volgend studiejaar 2020-2021!

Op zoek naar een maatschappelijke stage, dan is Z-AUC Coaching een ideaal project. Meld je aan om een schoolcoach te worden bij voetbalclub Zeeburgia. Dit houdt in dat je persoonlijke coaching en huiswerkbegeleiding geeft,  één of twee middagen per week tussen 16.00 en 18.00 aan voetballers van Zeeburgia. Ook is er voldoende mogelijkheid om jezelf te ontwikkelen en je zult deel uitmaken van een groep gemotiveerde studenten. Voorwaarde is wel dat je Nederlands spreekt. 


Deze maatschappelijke stage zet door!

Dit community project kan doorgang vinden, ondanks covid-19 omstandigheden. Zo kunnen studenten gedurende een half of heel jaar in een grote ruimte bij voetbalclub Zeeburgia bijles geven, met fysieke contacten volgens het anderhalve meter corona protocol (met spatschermen). Juist in een tijd waarin nog veel UvA onderwijs online zal plaatsvinden, kan dit voor veel studenten heel aantrekkelijk zijn. Het is een zinvol en plezierige activiteit waarbij studenten verschillende sociale contacten opdoen. 

Meldt je nu aan, stuur nu een mail naar Rallyrijkschroeff@gmail.com 

Meet & Greet! 

Volgende week woensdag 24 juni om 16 uur zal een Meet & Greet plaatsvinden bij Zeeburgia. Z-AUCoaching organiseert dit in samenwerking met Student Impact Centre, om geïnteresseerde studenten kennis te laten nemen van dit project. Kom gerust even langs om te praten met de huidige studiecoaches, of om rond te kijken in het studielokaal. Het adres van Zeeburgia is Kruislaan 244, Amsterdam.

External Events & Trainings

Trans European Policy Studies Association (TEPSA)

The Trans European Policy Studies Association (TEPSA) is organising a Summer Seminar on the European Neighbourhood Policy in Brussels, at the heart of EU politics, from 9-12 July 2019 under the academic lead of Prof. Frank Schimmelfennig. Applications are open to Master students and graduates until Sunday 19 May 2019.


By combining expert lectures with visits to key EU institutions, this 4-day seminar will offer 15 young professionals an opportunity to gain first-hand insights from researchers, EU practitioners and civil society representatives on the current state of play and future prospects of the European Neighbourhood Policy.


More information about the application procedure, as well as the call for applications and draft agenda, can be found here. Participants can also win a place free of charge in the seminar by participating in TEPSA’s student contest.

Model European Union Netherlands

Apply for Model European Union Netherlands!


An MEU is a lifelike simulation of European politics that gives you the chance to step out of your local bubble and to experience what it’s like to be a European politician. We are expecting more than 100 participants from Europe and beyond. The event will be in the Hague, from July 8th till 13th.


Interested? Apply here or find out more on the Facebook event page.



We have a partnership with AIESEC, which means that you can use their internships database. Press the button on the right for more information. — http://www.aiesec.nl/intern-abroad/

Science and Business Database

The Science and Business Database includes many unique research institutes, spin-offs, start-ups, and other organisations located at Amsterdam Science Park. You are free to use this database to expand your network, search for internships and find job opportunities. Press the button on the right for more information.

HandsOn volunteering

HandsOn has made a full volunteering database, check it out by clicking on the button to the right.

AIESEC Volunteering

Become a Global Citizen and take action towards world issues through a volunteer project with AIESEC.