The Board consists of 6 members: President, Secretary, Treasurer, and three Committee Affairs Officers! Each of the positions has its own responsibilities, which you can read about in our Policy Manual. Overall, the Board makes sure that committees have everything they need in order to successfully organise events and other initiatives.

Floating Tasks

Apart from the duties of each Board position, there are various floating tasks that Board members have throughout the year. They vary from organizing events and supervising commissions, to managing the website or communicating with DUWO.

Here is the list of floating tasks as of the year ’22-’23: Acquisitions Commission, AUC Alumni Association, Campus Commission, Constitution Borrel, Diversity Commission, Dormfest, Elections, February Intro Week, General Assemblies, Happy Boards Day, Intro Weekend, Quartermaster, Merchandise, Newscast, September Intro Week, Sustainability Commission, Transition Weekend, UCSRN SoCo Representative, Vice-President, Vice-Secretary, Vice-Treasurer, Website, & Winter Formal.

Meet the Board ’22-’23

Bartolomeo Attolico


Hello everyone! I am Bartolomeo, the president of the AUCSA Board. I am an Italian and French second year student, focusing on the mathematics track. My job does not have fixed guidelines, but I have to coordinate the Board and always keep in mind the goals set. On top of that, I will be working with the Diversity Commission, to have an environment at AUC where everyone feels comfortable and has equal opportunity. I will also organize Dormfest with Francesca and Intro Week with Sam, which I am very much looking forward to. Outside of university and AUCSA, I do a lot of sports, enjoy going out with my friends and eating good food. I can’t wait to get back to AUC to reunite with everyone and meet the new first years. I also want to say, feel free to reach out to me and the Board, if you have any ideas or suggestions for AUCSA, shoot me a message at:

Lucas Serralta


Hola a tod@s! This is Lucas, your dearly beloved Secretary. I was born in Spain, and I’m in my third year focusing on IIRR and human rights. My role in the AUCSA is to make sure that students get all the information needed to participate in community life, either from the website, newsletter/cast, or social media. I’m also in charge of the administrative side of the Board, which includes things like taking minutes or managing the google drive. In addition to both external and internal communication, I have the floating tasks of February IntroWeek and CoBo. When I’m not working for the AUCSA, you can probably find me at the AB studying, at CREA taking some art courses, or at Flevo just chilling with friends. I‘m happy to chat and get to know my fellow students, I spent a semester abroad so I’m eager to catch up! You can also email me here:

Eva Ebbers


Hi everyone, I am Eva! I am a Dutch third-year science student focusing on biology but doing a bit of everything on the side. In the upcoming year, I will be the treasurer of the AUCSA Board, meaning that I will overlook the budget to ensure all our lovely committees, commissions, and teams can host fun events for all. I will also be in charge of the Merch Team providing merchandise for everyone to remember their time here at AUC. Additionally, I will be working on Winter Formal and be part of the Campus Commission. Apart from AUCSA and general uni life, I spend a lot of time being creative, like painting or sewing. You can also find me listening to music and singing way too loudly. Feel free to approach me when you see me around the dorms or at the AB, or shoot me a message at: 

Dhruv Gulati

Committee Affairs Officer & Vice-President

Hello Everyone! I’m Dhruv, a second year science major from India. I am currently focusing on plant and earth sciences. As one of your three CAO’s I will mainly be supporting my 8 committee boards for their events and initiatives. I hope we have some really memorable events as well as initiatives that will benefit the present and future of our community. As Vice-President, I will be helping Bartolomeo keep an eye on the dynamics and goals of the association. I am also a part of the AUC Alumni Association and am so excited to help organise Alumni events! Outside of my Board life, I love having dinners with my friends, going to the park, travelling and also gardening! Yes, If I haven’t mentioned it already, I love plants:) I am looking forward to meeting so many new people and learning along the way. Always feel free to approach me in the AB, dorms or on: 

Sam Ringeling

Committee Affairs Officer & Vice-Secretary

Hello! I’m Sam, a second year Sciences major focusing on mathematics for the time being. As one of the CAO’s, I help my beatiful committees to deliberate, accommodate, and organize the wonderful events that make AUC so special. Along this I have my floating tasks, which include helping Lucas here and there as Vice-Secretary, being AUCSA’s social representative in the UCSRN, and organizing the Budget GA’s. Outside of the Board, I love music and art. I unfortunately can’t play any instruments, but I can sing mediocrely and will do so often. I also love theater, acting and musicals! Writing this I kinda realize I love too many things to write them all down, so if you’re wondering if I love something that I didn’t say here, I probably do (you’re also welcome to ask me!). In conclusion, I’m just very excited. If you want to contact me about starting a band, or anything else, you can talk to me or send me an email at:

Francesca Drewell

Committee Affairs Officer & Vice-Treasurer

Hello everyone! My name is Francesca and I am a second year Humanities student focusing on film and all things environmental. My role is to help my amazing committees to make the most of what the AUCSA can offer, and aid them in any way I can to create an incredible social year for everyone. This task is something that I am beyond excited for, as well as my floating tasks such as working with the Sustainability Commission to make the AUCSA as sustainable as possible, and organising the best Dormfest up to date. My other tasks are Quatermastery, Intro Weekend, and Vice-Treasurer. Outside of AUCSA and studying, I love theatre and film, but also nature so walking, swimming, or camping. I also love to bake, sew (and knit), and build things, just anything creative and practical. I can’t wait to see what this year will hold. Please contact me about anything, I would love to help! My email is: 

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