The Board consists of 7 members: President, Secretary, Treasurer, External Relations Officer and three Committee Affairs Officers! Each of the positions has its own responsibilities, which you can read about in our Policy Manual. Overall, the Board makes sure that committees have everything they need in order to successfully organise events and other initiatives.

Floating Tasks

Apart from the duties of each Board position, there are various floating tasks that Board members have throughout the year. They vary from organizing events and supervising commissions, to overseeing the inventory or ensuring a smooth board transition.

Here is the list of floating tasks as of the year ’24-’25: AUC Alumni Association, AUCSA Weekend, Board Bonding, Constitutional Borrel, Committee Assembly, Committee Forum, DivCom, Dormfest, Event Spaces, General Assemblies, Happy Boards Day, Introweek Feb, Introweek Sept, Merch, Newscast, Quartermastery, SusCom, Transition, Vice President, Vice Secretary, Vice Treasurer, and Winterformal.

Meet the Board ’24-’25

Gabrielle gailey

President (she/her)

Hey hey! My name is Gabrielle and I’m a third-year biomed/health student. I’m half French and half Canadian and I grew up in Switzerland. I love listening to music, baking (especially crumbles and cupcakes), and anything involving my friends or a sunny day, or ideally both. This year I will be taking on the role of President of the AUCSA Board! This will involve supporting the board in their work, ensuring we are working towards achieving overarching goals of the association, and diligently organising the board and its direction throughout the year. This year I will be organising Introweek and I’m very much looking forward to meeting all the first years and getting them excited about the association! Throughout the year I will also work on SusCom and will be a quartermaster alongside Jonas! I am very excited by the challenge and opportunity ahead of me, and mostly getting to know and support not only the other board members but all of you! Feel free to reach out or stop me in the AB if you want to have any questions or just want to chat.

  Sasha rosier-sachs

Secretary & Vice-President (she/her) 

Hey everyone! My name is Sasha, and I’m a third-year Social Science major from France, though I grew up in Hong Kong. I love dance, teaching, traveling, and spending time with my friends and family. This year, I am honored to serve as the Secretary on the AUCSA Board. My role encompasses all aspects of organisation, administration, and communication for the Board. This includes managing the AUCSA Instagram and our website, creating our weekly newsletters, and ensuring smooth communication with AUC students, among many other tasks. Additionally, I will be taking on various floating responsibilities such as supporting Gabrielle in the Vice President role, coordinating elections for the next AUCSA Board, organising the AUCSA weekend for first-year students with Pia, and designing the merchandise, including the year sweaters! I could not be more excited for this year alongside my amazing Board.

Jonas dornieden

Treasurer (he/him)

Hey everyone! My name is Jonas and I’m a second year science major. I’m German but was born and grew up in Switzerland. I also lived on the east coast of Canada for three years before moving to Germany where I finished high school. I love all kinds of sports and being active, whether that is running (you might see me around Science Park), bouldering, skiing, biking or chess. As treasurer of the AUCSA I’m responsible for the financial administration and maintaining the financial health of the association. I will be in close communication with the CCTs and will be transparent about what chances and limitations the budget brings, to allow for committees to make the most out of this opportunity. As one of my floating tasks, I will be one of the Quartermasters alongside Gabrielle. As Quartermaster, I will look after the AUCSA’s storage and coordinate the inventory of the association. I will also be organising the Committee Assembly which includes workshops for committee boards to get familiar with their positions and associated tasks. Last but not least, I am excited to be co-organising our biggest event, Dormfest, with Hayden to round off the year. I really look forward to hearing your event ideas and seeing them grow into place. I’m also super excited to work with such an incredible Board to represent the amazing community we have.

Deirdre de leeuw den bouter

External Relations Officer (she/her)

Hey everyone! My name is Deirdre de Leeuw den Bouter (she/her) and I will be the External Relations Officer for the AUCSA. I’m originally from the Netherlands, but I grew up in Washington, D.C.! I love exploring Oost and the larger Amsterdam area, and sending bar recommendations to anyone that needs it. I’m also a big hobby runner—I did the Amsterdam half marathon last October—but I am not fast so please don’t ask to race me! Being an External Relations Officer means that I mostly work with partners outside of our AUCSA community, such as other student associations, venues, and companies. I will work to strengthen our existing ties, and find awesome new opportunities for AUC students! I am also working to organise Introweek for all the incoming first years, which is something I’m super excited about! It means working closely with AUC to develop a fun and action-packed week that really shows first years how awesome our community can be. While it does entail working over the summer, it is very rewarding! Alongside September Introweek, I will also be organising February Introweek for the exchange students. Another floating task of mine will be to liaison between DUWO and the AUCSA Board regarding Event Spaces and any other dorm project. Lastly, I will also be organising the AUCSA’s Constitutional Borrel (CoBo). Overall, I’m very excited to see what adventures next year will bring and to work closely with my amazing fellow Board members!

HaYden anderson

Committee Affairs Officer & Vice-Secretary (she/her)

Hey everyone! My name is Hayden Anderson and I use she/ her pronouns.  I will be one of the three Committee Affairs Officers this upcoming academic year. A few years ago I moved from the United States where I am originally from to Valencia, Spain which I am confident is the best city ever. When I’m not doing school work, I’m usually playing the guitar, reading at the park, or out in the city. I am so excited to work hand in hand with the various CCTs to make this year phenomenal. My role is to help with budgets, approving events, and helping to make the events happen. Apart from working with the CCTs, my main focuses will be Diversity Commission and ensuring that is up and running, acting as the Vice Secretary, planning Committee Forum, and co-chairing Dormfest! I am looking forward to seeing how these tasks go and I am so ready to work on them. From all the tasks, I most looking forward to Dormfest as I think it is one of the best events of the year and I love music and festivals.

Pia schardt

Committee Affairs Officer & Vice-Treasurer (she/her)

Hey everybody! I’m Pia, a second-year science student focusing on the environment from
Berlin, Germany. I love playing football, being outside, and everything else that includes
spending time with my friends. On top of that, I proudly call myself a really good plant-mom, though I can’t seem to keep my basil alive. This year, I will be a Committee Affairs Officer (CAO) and Vice-Treasurer on the board, and I am super excited about it! Being a CAO means that I represent my CCTs interests to the board and vice-versa, help them facilitate many amazing events and overall create a super fun and enjoyable year. Aditionally, as Vice-Treasurer, I do everything to support Jonas and help him out as much as I can. I am also looking forward to be chairing Newscast, and to work on Intro Weekend and transitioning the next board, though that task is still far away. Feel free to talk to me if you see me around, I love helping out or just having a chat! 


Committee Affairs Officer (she/her)

Hi! My name is Nim and I’m from India. I’m a second-year social science major following the pre-law track. I love playing football (especially with the AUC team!), piano, planning and attending events, and having a good time with my friends. On the AUCSA Board, I am one of the three Committee Affairs Officers (CAO). This means that I am there to facilitate the activities and events that my committees are organising, help out and give advice whenever they need it and present their ideas to my own Board. I can’t wait to see what the committees are going to do over the next year and to see you all there! In addition, I also have floating tasks that include the Alumni Association, Winter Formal and General Assemblies. Although I’m looking forward to all my floating tasks and my CAO role, I have to admit Winter Formal is the one I’m most excited about. It’s one of the biggest and most fun events done by the AUCSA and I am absolutely thrilled to be able to organise it with an amazing team this year! Always feel free to talk to me if you see me around! 

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