Our community brings together a range of diverse experiences from students of varying walks of life. AUCSA as an inclusive association strives to foster an environment where there are equal opportunities for all students and their varied perspectives and interests are recognized. The Diversity Commission (DIVCOM) strives to do exactly this, and our association will work closely with DIVCOM in pursuit of this. We want to nurture a safe space at AUC that gives voice to all students by asking for input, and keeping this in mind during decision making. We want to encourage and cultivate an environment where a range of opinions and perspectives are expressed in the social activities and endeavours we facilitate.


Our coexistence with the world rests on our everyday actions and behaviors. Sustainability is our association’s ability to exist in this way without abusing the resources we are fortunate enough to have. We strive to increase awareness on sustainability and more actively integrate it as a pillar in our decision making. We aim to work closely with the Sustainability Commission (SUSCOM) which is a direct advisor to the Board and acts as its extension by providing members with policy briefs and a green letter, thereby informing members on how to act more sustainably. We believe it is our responsibility to ensure a healthy future for the association, its committees and members.

External Relationships

The AUCSA values making healthy and long lasting relationships with external parties outside the association. We aim to broaden the horizons of the AUC community and ‘break the bubble’, by working closely with our Acquisitions Commission to offer more opportunities to our members and grow our network. We encourage and foster relationships among committees, commissions and teams with local communities and organisations in Amsterdam.  In this way we hope to form friendships and collaborations and explore academic, professional and extracurricular interests outside the association.

Sense of Community

Without the efforts of the AUCSA’s committees, commissions and teams creating a platform for social activities and student endeavours, studying at AUC would never be the experience it currently is. Supporting these initiatives are of utmost importance to the association and we are fully devoted to helping during challenges that the year may bring. Next to this, we value active participation and the first year experience. The enhanced engagement of AUCSA members improves activities and events in addition to the interactive discussions and decision-making at General Assemblies. Finally, by connecting and collaborating with other student associations and the Alumni Network, we hope to build a greater sense of community.

Internal Communication

Our association stands on transparency, inclusivity and clarity. Internal Communication for our lovely bubble of 900 students is of utmost importance to us to ensure a fluent exchange of information amongst the board, committees and members. We aim to provide a clear framework for all committees, commissions, and teams, and provide them with the necessary tools and skills to efficiently communicate within our association. We strive to create clear communication streams and centralize this through our newly launched website to ensure information is accessible to all individuals. In pursuit of this, we want to foster a continual feedback system through the complaints tab on the website and feedback forms. Finally, we want to nurture an atmosphere where members feel comfortable and we are approachable.