AUC has an extraordinarily diverse community from all across the globe and thus all kinds of experiences and perspectives. We thrive on the strength of this community and our differences in cultures, identities, and abilities (to only name a few) and we want to make our events accessible to as many people as possible to provide equal opportunity for everyone. In order to ensure this inclusive and enriching environment, we will implement and follow the rules against nepotism and cronyism within the CCTs. Additionally, we will be in contact with the diversity commission (DIVCOM) of AUCSA which has an advisory function for the AUCSA on the topic of diversity and inclusivity. Ultimately, we want to celebrate the differences of our students and provide an environment where everyone feels comfortable and represented.


The AUCSA is committed to promoting global harmony with the environment. We strive to lead by example and make environmental sustainability a top priority to ensure the association’s thriving and conscious continuity. Working closely with the Sustainability Commission (SUSCOM), we will incorporate greener alternatives into our decision-making and budget. Moreover, we will raise awareness and promote productive ways to adopt a sustainable lifestyle, such as through our community garden (Pangea) and responsible food waste disposal. Our utmost dedication lies in minimizing the AUCSA’s environmental footprint and driving the shift towards an eco-friendly and regenerative future.

External Relations

Our association identifies the practicality and benefits of fostering long-term relationships with external organizations. To further enhance the AUCSA’s capabilities, the Board has expanded to include a seventh member, taking up the new position of External Relations Officer (ERO). Through this addition, the AUCSA board is committed to strengthening our ties with external parties and providing our student community with exciting new opportunities. Over the years, the External Relations Commission (ERCOM) has been working towards acquiring sponsors to provide greater opportunities for the student body and our CCT events. By hosting events such as TEDx, AUCMUN, and Dormsessions, both in collaboration with external partners and open to external participants, we aim to inspire our students to experience life ‘beyond the bubble’. Furthermore, the AUCSA strives to foster increased interactivity and collaboration with our parent universities, other University Colleges (through our UCSRN membership and AUCSA’s own UCSRN Team), as well as local organizations in Amsterdam. These efforts are aimed at strengthening the academic, professional, and extracurricular aspects of AUC, enhancing the overall experience for the AUCSA members.


Our Board is dedicated to the students we represent, and strive to foster a transparent relationship with our community. The decisions made by the Board impact the lives of all AUCSA members. We will aim to communicate our goals, choices, and values to students, while remaining open to feedback. Encouraging interaction between the Board and the Association as a whole will be facilitated and prioritized, both in person and online. Opportunities to hear from students will be central for our platform such as General Assemblies, Office Hours, and CCT feedback. We actively encourage all students to partake in these opportunities regularly to openly communicate together. Online, we plan on increasing the visibility of the AUCSA Board life, especially for encouraging students to run for election. Embracing transparency as a Board will hopefully increase student engagement in the Association, events, and in elected positions.


Every member of the AUCSA deserves to have equal access to the resources and opportunities the AUCSA provides for the student body of AUCSA. Ensuring that this is the case is something the AUCSA is committed to. This primarily involves ensuring that every member has an equal opportunity to attend events and join CCTs. However, it also encompasses ensuring that the diverse range of the association’s members feels welcome at events and can find and/or create something that they are interested in.


The AUCSA strives to create one community through its various committees, commissions, and teams and aims to create an AUC collective in which each member feels heard, comfortable, and valuable to the community. We seek to do so by encouraging students to participate in discussions at our General Assemblies and voice any concerns that they have to us. We are here to serve the needs of the students and to facilitate spaces in which they can enjoy their university experience to the fullest. To further strengthen our community, we also hope to work closely with other bodies within AUC, such as Peer Support, the Student Council, and R2E.