We are privileged to have a community of students with a great variety of experiences and outlooks on life. It is our objective to foster a place of equal opportunity and an environment where everyone feels recognized and valued for their uniqueness. We will prioritise embracing individuals with different cultures, identities, disabilities, amongst others, to express a wide range of perspectives in the social activities we facilitate. We strive for equal opportunity for every member, and so we will implement rules against nepotism and cronyism within CCTs. There will also be a Diversity Commission advising us throughout the year. Ultimately, we want to nurture a safe space at AUC that provides a voice to all students and allows them to participate in the decision-making.


The AUCSA supports the global move towards living harmoniously with the environment. We aim to set an example and prioritise environmental sustainability as much as possible, to ensure the thriving and conscious continuation of the association. We will work closely with the Sustainability Commission (SUSCOM) to integrate greener alternatives into our decision-making. We aim to increase awareness and encourage productive ways to have a more sustainable lifestyle, for instance, through our community garden (Pangea) or the conscious disposal of food waste. The shift towards an eco-friendly and regenerative future is something we consider vital; therefore we will do our utmost to reduce the AUCSA’s environmental impact.


The AUCSA strives to facilitate student participation by providing a broad range of activities reflecting your wants and needs. We encourage every student to be an active member of the AUCSA as it will allow them to meet other people and gain new experiences. Both financial and physical accessibility will be heavily considered while organising events. Moreover, we will facilitate a clear communication channel to know when and where events are being held. Information and updates about the social life at AUC will be spread through our Newsletter, Newscast, Instagram, and office hours.

Community Building

The AUCSA cultivates many committees, commissions and teams that provide activities for students to get together and have a great college experience. We highly value the safety of every member, therefore we will foster an environment in which comfort, safety and well-being are our prime concerns. To further develop our community life, we hope to strengthen our bonds with other bodies within and outside AUC, such Peer Support,  the Student Council, and R2E. Moreover, we believe in effective communication and group discussions for our community to thrive, so we encourage students to participate in interactive discussions at our General Assemblies.

External Relations

Our association identifies the practicality and benefits provided by long-term relationships with external organisations. Through the hosting of events such as SpringBoard, TEDx, and AUCMUN, we wish to strengthen bonds with other parties and motivate students to experience life ‘beyond the bubble’. Over the years, the External Relations Commission has been working towards acquiring sponsors to provide greater opportunities for the student body and our CCT events. Ultimately, to strengthen the academic, professional, and extracurricular facets of AUC, we hope to increase interactivity and collaborative efforts with our parent universities, other University Colleges (through the UCSRN Team), and local organisations in Amsterdam.