Supporting Bodies

There are two independent supporting bodies within AUCSA to help assure the continuity and transparency of the Association. 

Advisory Council

What do they do?

The Advisory Council’s main task is to provide a supporting role to the AUCSA Board, but also to protect members’ interests in the AUCSA. As such, the Advisory Council’s job consists of several parts:

  • Overseeing the functioning of the AUCSA Board
  • Helping the AUCSA Board with issues such as changes in policies or statutes
  • Mediating internal issues
  • Setting up the Elections Commission for each election cycle
  • Handling formal complaints about the AUCSA Board

What if something is amiss?

If you have a complaint about the AUCSA Board, or do not agree with something the AUCSA Board or one of its members is doing, we recommend taking the following steps:

Talk to the person in question, or someone else on the AUCSA Board to try to resolve the problem, or come to some kind of understanding or compromise.
If, after this, you have not been able to bring the problem to resolution, bring the problem to us at and we will investigate or mediate where required.
If the issue is something you would prefer to not bring to the AUCSA Board directly, then it is of course possible to contact us first so that we can investigate the complaint.


The Advisory Council is made up of at least two ex-AUCSA Board members, and at least one independent student. They are chosen by the previous year’s AUCSA Board.

Advisory Council 2023-2024 consists of:

  • Dhruv Gulati: formerly AUCSA CAO
  • Bartolomeo Attolico: formerly AUCSA President
  • Miriam Crane: formerly Student Council Student Affairs Officer
  • Berber De Lange: independent student member

If you have any questions about our role, or any complaints, please send an email to,  and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Elections Commission

What do they do?

The Election Commission (EC) is composed by the Advisory Council and consists of a former member of the AUCSA Board, a former or current member of an AUCSA Committee board, and a former or current AUCSA member of distinction. The EC is responsible, together with the AUCSA Board, to arrange the elections. The EC receives the applications and conducts the interviews with the candidates. Once the candidates have chosen for which position they are running, the EC proposes a Board. For 2023-2024, the EC consists of Francesca, Mateo and Misha!

Voting on the new AUCSA Board

The General Assembly during which you can vote for the new Board 2024-2025 will take place on May 14th 2024.

All members of the AUCSA – all current AUC students and the honorary members – have the right to vote for the candidates. The Elections Commission proposes the candidates which they think are best suited for each position, but in the end it is up to the members to elect the new Board members.

If you can not be present at the General Assembly, please send in your proxy vote. This needs to be emailed to at least 24 hours in advance. Every member is allowed to proxy for two other members, meaning that they can vote for themselves, and for two others if they are present at the General Assembly. More info about this will be sent closer to the GA.