Big Events

At AUCSA, the Board, as well as the committees, organise big yearly events. Find an overview here!


Last week of August & First week of February

Each year, AUCSA, together with AUC, organises Introweek for the incoming first-years. We organise committee fair, mentor groups, and a lot of social activities throughout the week so that the incoming 

AUCSA Weekend

Weekend after introweek

Every year, AUCSA organises a fun weekend full with fun activities for the incoming first-years to get to know each other. From Friday until Sunday, the new students together with a group of mentors get a chance to enjoy the last days of summer away from the bubble

UCSRN Spotlight

First semester

The UCSRN Spotlight is an event hosted annually by one of the University Colleges. It is an opportunity for the students from all UCs to perform arts such as music, spoken word and theatre and at the same time it is a chance for students to get together and meet each other. 

Winter Formal


 Every year, the Winter Formal Team transforms the AB common room in a magical place for a fancy gala to celebrate the end of the semester with some lovely live music. 

UCSRN Tournament


The UCSRN Tournament is a competition between all the UCs in the Netherlands. From basketball to videogames, each category has a winner and at the end of the day, the college that won most categories gets to bring home the trophy.



Every June, the Dormfest Team organises an exciting music festival in the dorms with live performances and exciting activities open to all AUC students and externals.