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Contact us at pubquiz@aucsa.nl or visit our Facebook page.

The AUC PubQuiz committee aims to facilitate students in combining the difficult tasks of drinking beer, consuming healthy fried foods and a bit of intellectual competition (read: psychological warfare).

Once every two months students can get together and compete in teams of up to five people, for a nice prize. This year, we have continued the shortly established tradition and made Maslow the battlefield where AUC students can show off their trivial knowledge (or their ignorance) and share their experience and wisdom on highly important matters: from the capital of Burkina Faso to the identification of animals and naming the names and dates of major historic events (such as the year the bikini was invented). Needless to say we have managed to awaken the competitive and nerdy innerselves of the AUC community.

We are always happy to hear suggestions and even (not really actually) complaints, for which you can contact any of us. We will introduce some new special elements to our quizzes and we really hope people continue to enjoy them and participate.

Nessiteras rhombopteryx is the scientific name for what?


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