Can I use the Toilets to promote?

As many of you know, each toilet stall in AUC should have 4 plastic holders in which you can put your poster. In previous years, these holders have been overused to the extent that many posters have been covered before their event has even happened, and in this way is ineffective for promotion. To make sure that all events still have visibility with the limited amount of holders available, the AUCSA Board will be placing a weekly-styled poster every week in one of the poster holders. Furthermore, non-AUCSA parties, like Student Council, Peer Support and Right2Education will also have a reserved slot where they can place their own monthly newsletter. In short, this means that out of the 4 plastic holders in each toilet, only 2 are allowed for the promotion of committees/commissions/teams, namely the top-right poster holder and the bottom left poster holder. Please see below the configuration of what this would look like:

Reserved for AUCSA Weekly PosterFor Committees/Commissions/Teams/External
For Committees/Commissions/Teams/ExternalReserved for non-AUCSA Parties, active in AUC

Know that as the amount of posters that you are allowed to print has been lowered, there is enough space for multiple committees to promote an event in the AUC building at the same time. So a tip would be to spread your posters over multiple floors of the AB, and not necessarily in every stall on one floor.