How do I get added to the AUCSA opportunities page?

All your open positions within your committee can be published on the AUCSA Opportunities Page. It also features open positions, internships and community projects both inside and outside AUC. 

Whenever you have open board or team positions, it is mandatory to notify your CAO and the Secretary of these open positions. This way it can be published on the website, which gives you as a committee more exposure, while it gives students the opportunity to quickly see which committees they could potentially join.

To notify the AUCSA Board of one or more open board or team position(s), send your CAO an email with a small description of max. 120 words for publication on the website. This description should include:

  • Purpose of your committee (e.g. “Pangea, the sustainability committee…”)
  • Name of open position(s)
  • How to apply
  • Application deadline
  • Any important links
  • What students can refer to if they want more information or have questions