How do I get added to the Weekly Newsletter?

The Weekly, as most of you hopefully know, is the AUCSA Newsletter which is sent out every Monday to all AUCSA members. The Weekly outlines the committee events happening in that specific week. To find events to add to the Weekly, the Secretary (Maurits) looks through the online AUCSA Calendar and retrieves all information as placed there, including the poster used. The deadline for this is the Wednesday night before the Weekly gets sent out. If you miss this deadline, you can also send an additional email to the Secretary throughout the weekend to ask whether adding another event is possible. Another case where you could email the Secretary would be if you would want to use a different poster in the Weekly. As the poster on the weekly is done in landscape format (16:9 dimensions), it might alter a poster that initially has been portrait styled.

The main body of the Weekly is solely for committee events. However, if you have anything you would like to add to the bottom of the Weekly, you can do so via For this link, use the following instructions:

  • Title: name of the event
  • Content: description of the event
  • Your name or committee: committee’s or initiative’s name. Remember that putting the committee name in the title can allow students who do not read the letter thoroughly to see what is going on.
  • Your student email: committee’s or initiative’s email address.
  • Tip 1: It is worth putting the most important information in the first few lines, so that inattentive readers grasp the gist of the content.
  • Tip 2: Hyperlinks don’t work in the form, so if you would want to include a link in the form, make sure to include the full link