The Treasury’s Golden Rules

  • If you sent in a preliminary budget proposal, it is not allowed to start your promotion or ticket sale before you have received written notification (via email) from the AUCSA Board mentioning your proposal was approved.
  • Any expenses you make that have not been budgeted for, or in other words have been approved neither by the Budget GA nor the AUCSA Board, will NOT be reimbursed.
  • Reimbursement forms with the incorrect budget code or without receipts or invoices will not be considered for reimbursement.
  • It is not allowed to contact sponsors on your own for a committee without written approval from the AUCSA Board.
  • It is never allowed to sign contracts on your own on behalf of a committee. Only the AUCSA Board members are allowed to sign contracts. The AUCSA Treasurer is the only one who can sign contracts on their own.
  • It is never allowed to let people pay cash for ticket sales, drinks, classes, products or anything else. The AUCSA only works with transactions and transfers, since cash is very untransparent.

Overspending is something the AUCSA Board actively tries to prevent, always inform your CAO if you find out some of your expenses are going to be higher than anticipated. If you neglect to do this,  you will not get fully reimbursed for the costs you make. The AUCSA can only reimburse what has been approved by the Budget GA, and thus is not allowed to reimburse any costs exceeding that established amount. Exceptions from this rule are cases in which the AUCSA Board as an executive power has approved a committee’s preliminary budget proposal before a GA or in between GAs.