What are Semester Reports?

At the end of January and June, each committee has to send in a semester report. Guidelines for this report will be sent out by the CAOs to each committee, however it should contain at least the following:

  • A report on the activities and handling the committee’s tasks of that specific semester – What events did you organize? How did the planning and executing of these events go?
  • Comments on these activities in terms of planning, organizing and executing them and some self-reflection and possible suggestions for changes and improvements.
  • An updated list of the committee members throughout the year. This is important for the AUCSA to grant official committee certificates, specifying each committee member’s contribution to the student life of AUC during their graduation.

Make sure to already work on this semester report during the semester (so e.g. after an event write down everything that went well and notes for next time), because this way you will remember it better than if you have to think of everything at the end of the semester!