What is a Budget Code and How Do They Work?

A budget code is a reference to the specific cost you make as a committee. It is linked to the AUCSA Budget 2019-2020 document which will be sent out to all AUCSA members. In this Excel file, the sheets which explain the expenses of the AUCSA and all its committees are put in alphabetical order and numbered. AUCSA Events is sheet number 1, AUCSA Other is sheet number 2, and RAW is sheet number 23 for example. Make sure you know what sheet number your committee is!

A budget code consists of 4 digits and looks for example like this: 1.c.3.2.

  • The first digit in a budget code refers to the sheets in the AUCSA Budget 2019-2020. In the example, the ‘1’ in the budget code refers to the first  sheet in the AUCSA Budget 2019-2020 excel file which is AUCSA events.
  • The letter in a budget code refers as ‘c’ to ‘Costs’ or as ‘i’ to income. In the example, the ‘c’ then refers to the cost part of AUCSA events.
  • The second digit in a budget code refers to a section of the budget in particular. In the example, the ‘3’ refers to the third event specified in the AUCSA Events sheet (Intro Weekend in this case).
  • The last digit refers to a specific expense made in the specific section. In the example, the ‘2’, refers to the specific expense ‘Transportation’ that was made for Introweekend.

In summary, the example budget code 1.c.3.2 refers to the transportation costs for Intro Weekend by AUCSA.