What is a Budget General Assembly?

All AUC students are automatically AUCSA members. They pay a EUR 55 fee with their tuition fees, the total of which makes up most of the AUCSA Budget. All Committees are assigned a budget during the first Budget General Assembly (GA), held in October. The procedure for this GA is the following:

  1. AUCSA Committees send in a Budget Proposal, asking for money for their events planned for the whole year. This Budget Proposal is either approved or adjusted by the AUCSA Board during their Budget Weekend.
  2. The AUCSA sends all the approved or adjusted budget proposals to the Audit commission who will review these and make comments.
  3. If a Committee’s budget is adjusted (by either the AUCSA or the Audit), the CAO of said committee will communicate these adjustments to the committee and explain why these changes were made.
  4. Committees can then send reallocations (moving money from one event/expense to another event/expense) if they wish. Please note that these reallocations also need to be approved by the AUCSA Board.
  5. All budgets of the committees and the AUCSA are up to a vote during the Budget GA.

If all the budgets are approved during the GA, the AUCSA and its committees officially have a budget and assigned budget codes.

During the second Budget GA, held in February, the Committees can send in adjustments to their initial budgets. Reasons behind adjustments could be that committees realize they want to organize more events requiring budget, or if they realize certain events turn out to be unfeasible to organize, requiring less budget. The procedure for the February Budget GA is the same as for the October Budget GA.