What is the Structure of a Committee?

As stated in the Policy Manual (Art. 12.5), an AUCSA Committee boar needs to have at one Chair and one Treasurer. All other positions are to be filled by exclusively AUCSA members, who are not to be on either academic or social probation, or on exchange (Art. 12.7). Moreover, selecting people for certain positions in the Committee Board is to be done by opening up applications. Thus it is not allowed to hand-pick people for the position – this entails approaching one specific person for the open position instead of opening up the application for this specific position for all interested AUCSA members. The AUCSA Board will promote all open positions through the Opportunities page on the AUCSA website, and as a Committee it is mandatory to update the AUCSA Board of any open positions. However, you are encouraged to promote your open positions yourself as well.

Outside of a committee, the function of a Chair and Treasurer is to be representatives for your committee to the AUC community and to collaborate with the AUCSA Board (Art.12.5). The image the committee presents to the AUC community and to external partners should reflect its connection and dependency with the AUCSA (Art. 13.8). Moreover, the Chair and Treasurer are responsible regarding the fulfillment of plans, the committee’s finances, smooth collaboration with the AUCSA Board and other committees, and they are responsible for a well-functioning committee. This all is to be done in accordance with the Committee Contract, which is drawn up every year (Art. 12.10).

The CAO and the Chair and Treasurer of each committee have to meet on a regular basis, and it is the responsibility of the CAO of the committee to organize and propose such meetings (Art. 12.11)

The Statutes and Policy manual can be found on the documents page