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This June there is much to be celebrated: summertime, new beginnings, all-too-fast endings and most importantly – 3 whole years of Dormsessions!

Dormsessions is a music platform that was originally set up by students of Amsterdam University College. For the past 3 years, this team has been bringing together up-and-coming local bands to play free shows right on the students’ doorsteps in their dorms. These ‘huiskamerconcertjes’ have since garnered a tight-knit, eclectic crowd inspired by a radiant network of young artists.

So, in order to revel accordingly we’ve decided to invite back some of our favourite acts from the last few years, alongside some fresh faces, to bring you our first ever FESTIVAL!

Spread over the boats of Amsterdam’s nautical playground De Ceuvel, the assorted line-up of sounds ranging from post-pop to contemporary soul will keep you afloat all day. You’ll find yourself winding your way through 3 stages drifting out over the IJ, before moving into the night with an after-party at De Ceuvel Café. Plus who knows, maybe it’ll be just warm enough for a quick dip!

Come join us for a sun-drenched day of Dormsessions!

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Nilüfer Yanya (UK)
Febueder (UK)
The Ish
The Shady Greys
Big Hare
Toto Boroto & the Wild Flowers

Afterparty curated by: AUC Webradio & KURA Amsterdam

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Live acts: 15.00 – 23:00
After-party: 23.00 – 02.00

Regular tickets – €8 (excl. service)
Physical tickets – €6 (for AUC students only, available for purchase at our May event)

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☼ See ya there! ☼


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