Four times a year, the Audit Commission aims to stimulate the financial potential of the AUCSA by analyzing the financial administration and providing both short term and long term recommendations. The tasks of the Audit Commission include checking up on the financial administration of all the committee treasurers and the Treasurer of the AUCSA, as well as providing independent financial advice on spending policies and the budget. 

What is Audit?

The main purpose of an audit is to check whether all the funds are intact and to see if no suspicious transactions have been made. Additionally, the Audit Commission is asked to  conduct a small research and give a brief statement in General Assemblies about the trustworthiness of the financial health as indicated by the treasurer of the board of the AUCSA.

What positions are there?

  • General board member: Responsible for auditing
  • Chair: Responsible for auditing, scheduling meetings and directing the team
  • PR: Responsible for auditing and social media
  • Secretary: Responsible for auditing and communication
  • Treasurer: Responsible for auditing and the financials of the committee

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