2023/2024 AUInvest board:

Chairman of the Board:  Iason Matiatos

Secretary: María González Alegre

Event Manager: Efraim Tóth

PR Manager: Sofia Tokošová

Treasurer: Bao Ngoc Luu

General Board Member: Xiao Cheng


AUInvest is a student-led investment committee at Amsterdam University College in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. AUInvest aims to educate AUC students about the world of investment and its vast emerging fields. We believe that a general understanding of investment is necessary in the rapidly changing world and will become even more so in the future. Moreover, students perceive investment as intimidating, exclusive and possibly daunting. We aim to show that investing is not necessarily an unsafe endeavour, but a step towards gaining financial stability in the long term! Therefore, this committee will aim to break the barrier between students and the world of investing!