july, 2024

TED’s mission has always been to spread “ideas worth sharing”. Through so-called TED talks, speakers from all kinds of backgrounds aim to inspire an audience, foster innovation and bring about positive change. TEDx essentially does the same, but on a local scale. By organizing a speakers competition (Pitch Night) at AUC and a yearly conference at an external location, TEDxAUCollege offers a TED-like experience to (AUC) students and the rest of Amsterdam. TEDxAUCollege opens up a new space at AUC to get involved and inspired, connecting leading figures in their respective fields with a community that is eager to learn.

TEDxAUCollege currently consists of six board members and 14 team members. The board is composed of a chair, secretary, head of logistics, head of speakers, head of acquisitions and head of public relations. This years board members are: Yara (Chair), Laura (Head of Speakers), Greta (Head of Logistics), Kaashvi (Secretary), Maran (Head of Public Relations) and Oshna (Head of Acquisitions). See the pictures below for a little look into our main event of this year: Exploring Experiences!

Independently organized TED Event by Amsterdam University College