july, 2024

Hello everyone! We are AUCSA’s UCSRN Team! UCSRN stands for University College Student Representatives of the Netherlands, so essentially we communicate and set up events with University Colleges (UCs)  from all over the country. From performing arts competitions to sports tournaments, debates on thrilling subjects to city trips, we try our best to broaden the bubble a bit! If you want to be updated about all inter-UC events, then make sure to follow us on insta!

Some examples of events we’ve hosted before are Spotlight, which is the biggest performing arts competition of the year, and the fun thing is, it’s not only AUC, but all university colleges are there! Honestly, it’s a great way to have fun and meet new people. We also hosted the biggest event between UCs: the UCSRN tournament! It’s basically the Olympics for the University Colleges: Sports, community and fun and friendly competition to win the prestigious championship. And AUC won the Tournament 8 times!! Compete in a range of sports from football and basketball to chess and painting in this all-encompassing event.

—Broadening the bubble!—