Amsterdam University College



Date: April 22nd 2023, 9 a.m. – 10 p.m.


Address: Science Park 306, 1098 XH

Afterparty tickets HERE

The UCSRN Tournament is a friendly competition in which all the University Colleges of the Netherlands compete in different disciplines to obtain the famous inter-UC cup! The tournament is the biggest inter-UC event of the year and is hosted by a different University College each year. After winning the tournament last year, Amsterdam University College will be hosting the event this year at their campus in the Science Park in Amsterdam! The tournament will include a wide variety of disciplines, ranging from cultural activities such as dance and painting to sports activities like football and running! Besides those, there will also be many social events open to both participants and spectators that do not count toward the final score of your UC!

This website will provide you with all the infromation needed for the day, as well as the sign-up sheets to get hosted! Sign-ups and tickets for the tournament itself will go through each UC this year, so please refer to your own UC for more information on this subject. Do not hesitate to reach out to us via our e-mail or on Instagram if you have any questions or concerns, and don’t forget to follow our Instagram linked above to stay up-to-date with everything tournament-related, as well as to get hyped for the Tournament! We cannot wait to see you all on the 22nd of April, but until then: best of luck with all your preparations!

About the team

Welcome! Meet our team for the 2023 UCSRN Tournament!

Tickets and sign up information

This year, there will be no individual participant sign-ups or ticket sales, but rather, we will have sign-ups through each UC. Please refer to your own UC for more information on signing up as a participant. We can’t wait to welcome you on our campus and kickstart the tournament! You can find all options to participate in the tournament below:

Participants – Purchase a ticket for €8.50 (excl.service costs) if you want to represent your UC in any of the cultural or sports events! The participant ticket includes participation in the event(s) you signed up for, access to all available facilities, and a catered lunch. Ticket sales and sign ups for participants will go through each UC this year, so reach out to your own UC to sign up!

Visitors -If you are not competing in any of the cultural or sports events, you are still free to come to watch the tournament and join the social events! You can buy the free visitor ticket through the ticket button at the top of the page!

After party – Purchase a ticket for €3,00 (excl.service costs) if you want to come to the after party and enjoy a night of dancing, bonding, and maybe even celebrating your victory! After party tickets are on sale through the ticket button at the top of the page!

Hosts (only for AUC students) – Sign up as a host if you want to provide housing for 1-3 students attending the UCSRN Tournament from the 22nd until the 23rd of April! Hosting is a great way to meet new people, contribute to inter-UC bonding and make friends for life! As a thank you, all hosts will be provided with a free after party ticket!

How does hosting work?

  1. Sign up through this link.
  2. You will be paired up with your preferred number of students, who are all attending the tournament
  3. Get in touch with the student(s) and provide them with a sleeping place from April 22nd-23rd
  4. Attend the afterparty together and make friends for life! 

Volunteers (only for AUC students) – Do you like helping out at events, running around and meeting new people? Then don’t hesitate and sign up to become a volunteer through this link.

Planning of the day

Coming soon

Transport & Contact

Contact Details

Below you can find our contact details. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding the events, party, venues, or other concerns!


There are various ways to travel to the campus of Amsterdam University College and to the USC Gym and Oerknal.

Public Transport

All the tournament locations are easily accessible by public transportation. The train station Amsterdam Science Park is a 4 minute walk away from the AUC academic building, an 8 minute walk away from Oerknal and the USC gym, and a 6 minute walk away from the student dorms. There are frequent trains (about 5 per hour) between Amsterdam Central Station and the Science Park Station that take only 8 minutes. To plan your journey efficiently, please go to the NS website.  When coming from Amsterdam Central Station, there are plenty of other options to reach the tournament locations by tram, bus, or metro. There are multiple bus stations located on Science Park, all served by bus line 40.


From Amsterdam Central Station to campus by bike takes about 20 minutes. Students can get an OV bike for a day if they wish as this is an easy way of transport and also allows students to explore the city. Check this website for more information.

If arriving by bicycle, there are multiple bike racks located near the AUC building. Just before the bridge to the entrance of AUC are dedicated spaces for bicycle parking. The next two nearest spaces are across the street at the Carolina MacGillavrylaan (in front of the SPAR) and across the street of Science Park (next to the bus station “Science Park Aer”).  

Touring bus

More information coming soon 


We encourage you to come by public transportation as (paid) parking is very limited. If you must arrive by car, we would advise you to use the car park entrance at the Carolina MacGillavrylaan between AMOLF and Nikhef (see the link below for more detailed instructions and a map). Please be aware that the gates to Science Park parking lots closest to AUC (all designated with P1 on the map here) close at 19.00. There are also parking lots at Science Park that do not close at 19.00 (P3 and P7 on the map here). You can find more information on the fees for parking at Science Park via the link below.

Another parking option is on the Carolina MacGillavrylaan close to the student dorms. Here, you can park for a price of 4.50 EUR per hour from Monday to Saturday between 9.00 and 21.00. You can also park in the parking lots of the student dorms using ParkBee. There are only limited spots available, but the tariff for parking here is 3.15 EUR per hour. More information about parking here can be found on the ParkBee website

Please find the Amsterdam Science Park visitor map here


    Do you still have questions after reading our website? Hopefully, you find your answers here! If your question is not answered in this section, feel free to contact us through email (ucsrn@aucsa.nl) or Instagram (@ucsrntournament2023).

    • Am I allowed to bring my own drinks to the after-party?

    No, this is not allowed. Drinks can be purchased inside the bar!

    • Is housing guaranteed?

    We will try our best to provide housing for everybody who signed up, however, this is obviously possible to a certain extent. We will notify you as soon as possible if housing is available to you or not. Please keep in mind that priority is granted to students from the furthest University Colleges (UCG, UCR, UCTwente, UCF, and UCM) and that hosting spots are available on a first come first served basis.

    • As an AUC student, do I also need to purchase an after party ticket?

    Yes. This way we can make sure the event runs smoothly, as we will know how many people will attend. The party ticket is on a first come first served basis because there is a maximum capacity at the bar.

    • Do I need to sign up as a visitor?

    Yes, you can buy a free visitor ticket on our Eventbrite page through the ticket button at the top of this page. Upon your arrival at the tournament, please come collect a visitor bracelet at the check-in desk so you can be allowed access to the sports facilities.

    • Refund policy

    The organisation of the tournament cannot provide refunds for bought tickets. If you can no longer attend the tournament, it is possible to sell your (participant) ticket to another student. Please reach out to us when this is the case so we can update the participant information in our system.

    Sports Events

    Overview of all the sports events:

    • Badminton
    • Basketball 
    • Chess 
    • Climbing – Bouldering Men
    • Climbing – Bouldering Women
    • Dodgeball
    • Football Men
    • Football Women
    • Running 5k Men
    • Running 5k Women
    • Running Relay 
    • Table Tennis
    • Tug of War 
    • Volleyball

    More information coming soon!

    Cultural Events

    Overview of all the cultural events:

    • Battle of the Bands
    • Battle of the Boards
    • Cheering and Mascot Competition
    • Dance
    • Debate
    • Film Festival
    • Improv
    • Painting

    More information coming soon!

    Social Events


    More information coming soon!